either the CIS or the CFL failed miserably.

so they have announced the 2013 Vanier Cup is to be held in Quebec City..

NOT in Regina.

in my opinion this is a Major failure on behalf of either one or both the CFL and the CIS.

you have an opportunity to make the CIS championship get a big attendance jump and more people to view the game who are ALREADY in Regina for the Grey Cup.. what do they do? give it to Quebec City.

bad move.. bad bad idea.

ok I received an email very quickly regarding this.

Good afternoon ,

Yes, we did. We would have LOVED to continue the partnership with the CFL. Unfortunately, the city of Regina indicated early on (months ago) they wouldn’t be able to host both the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup on the same weekend. There were simply too many challenges, for example number of hotel rooms in and around Regina, etc.



Michel Bélanger
Manager, Communications & Media Relations
Canadian Interuniversity Sport

So Regina fails miserably.

yup. that is absolutely true.

Arent' there temporary hotels or motels that can be brought in ie. huge mobile RV's will all the amenities? :wink:

Mind you if these were all plugged into the same socket, it might end up causing a SB like electrical failure. :wink:

Well considering there are way more hotel rooms now than in 1995, and 10k fewer seats at the stadium it is a fail on epic proportions on all sides I think. It would have definitely been a very successful event. I was looking forward to takin in a Vanier Cup... but alas, small-mindedness won out.

Horrible move! Vanier and the Grey Cup should be held at the GC site.I have some doubts about the GC playing in cold Regina especially with the question on not/having sufficient hotel rooms. The last final game I viewed from SASK was the Vanier Cup two years ago. The stadium and surroundings were completely frozen. This was a defensive game due to the weather.I was hoping Regina would build their covered stadium. The CFL should not be involved with this special game if there is any chance of sub zero weather.

I say move the Grey Cup '13 to Quebec City along with the Vanier Cup!! :wink:

Regina didn't want it. Not enough hotels. The bad idea is hosting the GC in a city of 140k people.


220k. Part of what has saved the CFL is that the Grey Cup is shared with all clubs. Both previous Grey Cups held in Regina were widely regarded as huge successes, and according to Brunt in his Grey Cup book, might have helped the league keep going in its dark time in the mid 90s. But yeah... Always a bad idea to hold an event where you know it will be crazy and fully-embraced.

I am bummed that the Vanier is not in Regina! I was going to come and watch both, because I am not a partier. I'd much rather just take in as much Football as possible. Also i will not be cluttering up the hotel scene as i will just be staying with family. So this bugs me on more than just one level.

We are bigger than that....

Nova Scotia is a joke and failure compared with Saskatchewan. Didn't the city of Halifax and NS back out of the Commonwealth Games because they don't know their you know what from a hole in the ground? Meanwhile Saskatchewan, who yes was and maybe still is the cornerstone of Canadiana football, is getting a stadium that the fisher folks and Paul Bunyans in NS can only dream of. :stuck_out_tongue: There is a reason, as well, real estate is more expensive in Saskatchewan and NS, it's a place people are coming back to to live whereas NS, you leave and never go back it seems. :lol:

Hf, how are those sardines in NS these days, yummy I bet eh? :twisted:

Ok, so Halifax has more hotels than Regina and Saskatoon combined maybe. It's a tourist location. But then so is Antarctica but people don't go live there. :wink:

What your don't get is a lot of people who go to every GC won't be able to attend, due to lack of facilities in Regina. 1 travel company booked up all the Hotel space and drove up the price of hotel rooms. Yeah it will be a big party, but it will be a Regina party, not a Canadian party. I hear even the Sprit of Edmonton group may not even get a space.There is even a large GC party that is being planed by the regular groups who attend GC to go to Vegas this year and hold all the GC parties there. The GC has outgrown the City, its just that simple

a Regina party, not a Canadian party.

Duh, so Regina partying is not a Canadian party? That's a first. Look, Rogers wants you to think the Blue Jays are all Canadiana all the way and more important than any team or the league itself of the CFL, lots of hotels there Toronto of course. But it's one team in a league that is all American. I'll take a Regina game anyday as Canadiana as it's part of a Canadian league, monies earned partly go back into our league, not some MLB league operated out of NY or wherever in the US.

That has to be one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever read here.

Thank god there is a league out there that can host a championship like the Grey Cup in a city like Regina despite Regina not being Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver. :roll:

If you bring in say 20,000 more people even with a temp set up be rvs etc the real issue would the area be able tos upport it be it water/heat etc.

Sad to hear this news hopefully the partnership continues in 2014, wherever the GC is to be played

It was also said for a long time that Regina was too small for the CFL... but funnily enough, that too small team is now in the strongest financial position of any team (Edmonton being up there too of course).

Moral of the story, let it play out and see what happens. There have been people billeting in previous years, and I know many are looking into that as well. And taxis generally aren't an issue either as a shuttle system is set up to take people from main hotel areas to event areas (some of which will be in hotel banquet/convention halls).

Besides, if you didn't book early, it wasn't exactly easy to get a hotel room in Edmonton either, which is the only other city I had to use a hotel for so far. So basically the only cities the Grey Cup hasn't outgrown are ones where many citizens feel they've outgrown the CFL/Grey Cup. What an excellent position in which to be.

I'm not questioning the enthousiasm for football in Regina and they are entitled to their turn for sure but its bad business.