Eisler, Arndt added to Edmonton coaching staff

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have expanded head coach Jaime Elizondo’s staff, adding Terry Eisler and Will Arndt.

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I can understand the first hire Terry Eisler, but the second hire makes no sense at all. Will Arndt had a terrible career in the CFL, 103 completions for a lousy 940 yards in 18 _ _ _ _ ing games. Jamie Elizondo you are now under investigation for hiring your former back-up quarterback who happens to be your friend. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :angry:

Not sure Arndt's record has anything to do with it. Dinwiddie was 55% completion, 11 TD's, 14 INT's as a CFL player & is a HC. Eisler hire corrects a mistake earlier. The Elks now have 11 coaches with Elizondo holding down HC, OC & QBC titles. I suspect he brought in Arndt to see if eventually he can take over as QB coach & obviously Harris trusts him or the hire wouldn't have happened. Elizondo needs to concentrate on getting the Offence going so some additional help probably is a good idea. Wearing 3 hats, especially if one is HC is never a good idea.

What expert advice can a quarterback offer who averages 52 yards of passing per game. His ideal job would be to warm the bench or hold Trevor Harris jock strap :rofl:

P.S. I never agreed with the hiring of Ryan Dinwiddie for the Argos. :rofl:

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QBs with average or less career may have stumbled because of physical limitations.
doesnt mean they cannot be brilliant coaches. Can often be a case of thems that cant do, teach.

Just as in the opposite where being a superstar doesnt mean you can coach worth a crap

Scott Milanovich was a CFL QB. Most people don't remember that because his career was a blip. I'm a bit of a CFL history nerd but I can't even remember who he played for. :s He's a darn good coach though. Wally Buono and Bob O'Billovich were very average players in their day. They're both HoF coaches. Many coaches out there never played past college.

Playing and coaching are two different things...the evil empire won a cup with Danny Machocha, a coach that never played and started his football career as a towel boy...Huffanagel was a good QB but when the Stamps hired him nobody thought he would be around long...now he has proven to be one of the best ever as coach and gm and still the driving force behind the Stamps continued success

Actually Huf was sought after to coach in the CFL for many years before he took the Stamps job. There were strong rumors at the end of 1999 that he would get the job in Sask. He spent roughly a decade as a QB coach in the NFL (working with Peyton Manning if I recall), so it took a lot to get him away from that.

Word was also he had been away a long time too... Either way a chance was taken and it paid much in dividends. The success of the Stamps is due to his football genius

He played for the Calgary Stampeders in the 2003 season.Scott Milanovich
Scott-Take 2

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