Eisenberger's Past Statement on WH Stadium

[i]"Former alderman Fred Eisenberger is the chair of what used to be the Hamilton Harbour Commission but is now the Hamilton Port Authority.

And he says it’s not the authority’s role to unfurl developments for land the city now owns and on which the authority has a 25-year lease.

But it encourages any development it can consider with the city and that may bring revenue to the authority.

Waterfront dreams may be the sparkplugs for all kinds of projects, but “it’s not my preference that people advance things that haven’t had some research and background,? Eisenberger says.

Any development direction will have to be desirable and doable and needs public consultation, he says.

The views and vistas of the harbour are what attracts people there and a walled stadium that blocks views may not be appropriate.

But even more of a concern are parking and access for any stadium- amphitheatre project, he says"[/i]

[url=http://www.goeastmountain.com/p-van-harten-the-hamilton-spectator-june-5-2002/]http://www.goeastmountain.com/p-van-har ... ne-5-2002/[/url]

Since 2002 when Eisenberger made these comments has anything changed in respect to parking, access or sightlines in the West Harbour?

Please send your comment to all council Ockham..its not too late

IMHO the only winner in this is Larry Di Ianni, he will be able to say anything while campaining and who will be able to say he couldn't have done better, we'll never know.

I'm sure all the councillors know Mayor Fred's assessment eight years ago. Why are they ignoring them now?