Eisenberger Must Go!

He tried to ram through his agenda by withholding vital information from Council that McGuinty called him up and offered support for the Ticats and EM, but Freddy did not discolose this to Council, stating that there was nothing in figures to disclose. They made an offer of support but no dollar figures discussed. Perhaps the knowledge of the Province's "support" for EM would have sparked a different outcome in the vote. Eisenberger plays fast and loose with this tumultuous issue. He's only interested in winning the argument like a prosecutor who withholds evidence in a trial in order to best support a conviction regardless of truth, evidence, or facts. Take a nice long hike Freddy!

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/250474--mcguinty-offered-stadium-help]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... adium-help[/url]

" We've been had"

                  Bob Young

The bottom line is that the Feds and Provincial governments don't want to dump any money down the west harbour site either. They want it to go to a site that will accommodate the long term sustainability of the Tiger Cats not a white elephant in the WH. :cowboy:

I really hope this changes things. Hes a liar, plain and simple.

Well, he's not exactly a liar in the technical sense, but it's like he's trying to sneak one past you, like a guy trying to smuggle a mickey into the stadium past the security guards, like he's got something to hide. Not exactly forthcoming.

Wishing and hoping won't make things change but an email campaign might.

From the Pan Am Gate thread.

Perhaps, people might want to "cut and paste" these email
addresses into an email to our the Hamilton city councillors

or email them one at a time

"bernie morelli" bmorelli@hamilton.ca, "bob bratina" bbratina@hamilton.ca, "brad clark" bclark@hamilton.ca, "brian mc hattie" bmchattie@hamilton.ca, "chad collins" ccollins@hamilton.ca, "david mitchell" david.mitchell@hamilton.ca, "lloyd ferguson" lferguson@hamilton.ca, "Mary Mc Carthy" mmccarthy@hamilton.ca, "robert pasuta" rpasuta@hamilton.ca, "russ powers" rpowers@hamilton.ca, "sam merulla" smerulla@hamilton.ca, "maria pearson" mpearson@hamilton.ca, "tom jackson" tjackson@hamilton.ca, "scott duvall" sduvall@hamilton.ca, "terry whitehead" twhitehead@hamilton.ca


I took up your suggestion, smokey, and here is what I wrote.

Regarding The mayor's contempt of the process in dealing with the Pan Am stadium location issue

Would you be in favour of having a new vote on the Pan Am stadium site

in light of the fact that the Mayor withheld information from council
which he received in a phone call from the Premier's office

regarding the provincial offer of additional financial assistance

days before the council was to vote on the Pan Am stadium site?

If not, would you be in favour of a motion for some sort of action
to keep the Mayor from participating in any further negotiations


I would appreciate it if you would tell me how you feel about
the mayor's decision to withhold that information from council.

Here is the Mayor's email address

"fred eisenberg" mayorfred@hamilton.ca,

At this point, I'm more concerned with Mayor Eiseberger's head wounds. He keeps shooting himself there.

This smells pretty fishy to me. I wonder if McGuinty's office recorded the conversation.
The Mayor would have only one reason for not sharing this phone call with the rest of council. For reasons we can only surmise he wanted the WH vote at all costs.

I sent and email to Fred, Bob Young and the entire city council. I wonder if Andrew Dreschel from the Spectator will follow up with Dalton McGinty and get to bottom of this. Something stinks at city hall. Something stinks like a cover up. Something stinks like Fred wants to get his own way regardless of how or who he steps on (Tiger Cats) to make West Harbour the place for a stadium. Something stinks like FRAUD. Let's spend $75,000,000.00 to house a place where nothing happens for the city of Hamilton. Shame on you Fred and the rest of the minions who look for a vote and can not see the forrest for the trees. What an absolute joke.

Emergency meeting demanded by councilors

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/250693--angry-councillors-demand-emergency-meeting]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... cy-meeting[/url]

I think you and I may get our wish

You got the title of this thread right! This bum has got to go. We are the laughing stock of the country. What business man in his right mind would want to come to a place run by a bunch of minions as these, and try to do business of any kind. If I wasn’t stuck in this crap hole of a town, I’d be packing my bags and following the Cats the hell out of here! :x

Not just this country. I have received calls from Connecticut and Pennsylvania from friends who have read about the saga Interestingly they seemed to have a grasp of the situation Both chided Bob Young but left their best venom for city hall

So Fred - just how does it feel to be caught up in all your bs? It looks like you got some explaining to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got back from a wedding in London with family. Both family in London and from Toronto said what's going on in Hamilton with the stadium situation, sounds like a big mess.

It's everywhere I guess with what is going on here. :?

I was at the crucial city council meeting in the AM. After hearing various councillors ask about various rumours to see if city staff knew if they were true, I was wondering if those same councillors would have liked to know if the province had made any offers of assistance for the EM site, even non-monetary ones, before they voted on the WH site? It would seem to me that if those councillors were aware of the offer, even without a firm financial commitment, they may have voted down the WH site.

For Fast Freddie not to share this information with council is a serious neglect of duty on his part. He should NOT be the one deciding what information was relevant. That SHOULD have been city council's decision. I say that he should be investigated for this INTENTIONAL misleading of city council and if found guilty of it he SHOULD be forced to pay the price for his reckless decision, whatever the price might be.

my 2 cents (plus $1.50 still gets you a large double double at Tims).

The mayor’s stubbornness has created this situation. He is not a concensus builder. He confuses leadership with being inflexible. Ironically, he continues to defend a postion he was against in 2002. Remember, he only won the 2006 election by a few hundred votes, against an opponent that was in the midst of fighting election financing charges. He should re-think running for re-election.

DoubleBlue, the phone calls would be recorded and kept in an archive. I also agree with your statement about the manner in which the mayor has withheld info.

Figured this may fit in here,but I had watched his interview on CHCH a week or two ago and he had said he received a death threat.
I was away for several days and did not hear of the results.
Does anyone have any info on this?
Was this something that the police have some evidence of or was this something Pinocchio just said to try to find some sympathy from the public?

Yeah, well these death threats look bad on all Tiger Cat fans, because one of them IS the prime suspect here.