Eight players fined following Week 14 action

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League announced the following fines on Thursday.

As per league policy, the amounts of the player fines were not disclosed.

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But no nachos were hurt, I don't understand!

Hmm, guess it's true... Anything we can do Stamps can do better. :rofl:


Hmmm so have we seen the last of Winnepeg jumping into stands ???

Are these fines for them sitting on the couch? If so these rules need to have exceptions. Keep players and fans safe for sure but let the players and fans have fun interactions. But sitting on a couch? Really?

Blue Bombers jumping into the stands IN THEIR HOME STADIUM are not likely to be s problem. Stamps entering fan area in opponent's home could have been a MAJOR disaster. Besides the potential for injuries in any confrontation, it would be a terrible look for a league striving to IMPROVE its image.