Ego Jones In Way Over His Head

Is that the same Mo Price that John Hufnagel signed after the 2013 season to the richest contract for a receiver? Is that the same Mo Price that Ottawa traded their 2014 defensive MVP for? I am no Mo Price fan but if guys like Huf thought he was worth being the highest paid receiver in the league, what’s wrong with adding him when you’re trying to completely rebuild your roster. In the end it’s irrelevent because it’s likely that Price wouldnt of made the team anyways.

Curious why you never bring up new Riders like Greg Jones, Otha Foster, Jonathan Newsome, Corvey Irvin, Kevin Francis, & Sam Eguavoen to bash Chris Jones?

Not only was Shawn Lemon the Riders prized FA acquisition this off season, he was being pushed hard as the new "face of the franchise". Giving him away after just ONE (1) game when they'd already paid more than half of his salary for a hopelessly bad OLineman who had already announced to the entire league that he would not play for anyone other than an Ontario team was a horrific embarrassment.
All that says is hats off to the recruiting dept for scouting 2 DEs that beat out Lemon in training camp. Not much different than Austin trading his prized FA signing (HoffmanEllis) for a bag of footballs.

Regarding Sewell, was likely just a throw in to see if they could convince him to come for a look see. With St John & Guy now in camp, Sewell likely doesn’t make the team anyways.

Be careful about pumping Leonard's tires too hard. Be very careful, my friend. You're setting yourself up for a colossal toadaso once OTs around the league watch film and realize the TE-turned-DE has no pass rush ability other than a bull rush.
Exactly how do you know what his abilities consist of? If Leonard can only bull rush, why couldn't Van Zyl & Bourke adapt as the game went on? I think I can trust Ed Philion & Chris Jones on their assessment
As for the "1-2 plays away" - - that's the exact same refrain that Rider Fan was spouting last year when the team was 0-4. Remind me again, how things worked out in Regina last season?
Last year is irrelevant. Most teams after a two score loss say they were 1-2 plays away. When the 2016 Riders completely crap the bed like the Argos did in week 1, then your point may be relevant. Not likely however.