Ego Jones In Way Over His Head

The situation in Regina has now sunk to humiliating depths.

As if the Mo Price debacle wasn't embarrassing enough, Ego Jones has flushed another massive upfront signing bonus down the toilet. How did Ego Jones not realize Lemon wouldn't fit in with his ridiculous schemes? And why would he ever give Lemon half of his salary before the season ever started?

At this point, Jim Barker is just toying with the Riders. Certainly not a deal that I would have made, but he gave up absolutely nothing to get a back up DE for Hickman - - incidentally, the same DE that Rider Fan promised would more than make up for the departure of John Chick.

Fatty Sewell has no hope of being a pro-level OLineman. He's a poor man's Pat Neufeld. But considering the Riders were using a back up DLineman on the OLine last game, it looks like Fatty Sewell will be an immediate starter for them. What a disaster that's going to be. I just hope it doesn't cost Durant another season with an injury.

Mitch Gale was the 4th string clipboard holder for the Argos - - but given the Riders horrific mess at QB behind Durant, Gale instantly becomes the second stringer in Regina.

The most valuable piece of this trade on either side was the draft pick that Toronto received.

It's hilarious that Ego Jones and the Riders will be paying the majority of Lemon's salary for the rest of the year. Even if he contributes nothing to the Argos, the deal was worth it just for the laugh at yet another Ego Jones screw up.

What happened to the other thread that was pretty much a carbon copy of this one?

Forget to take your meds?

Are you referring to the thread about the Mo Price embarrassment? Or the thread about the botched mishandling of Joe St John? Or the thread about so many Riders being comically out of position?

It’s hard to keep track of all the screw ups in Saskatchewan.

Your ignorance regarding football is fascinating.

Mo Price decided to retire & took his bonus & went home. Says more about Price than anyone. Win some you lose some, looking at the Riders starting receivers & he likely doesn’t make the team anyway.

StJohn negotiations was not mishandled, Jones & Murphy got him to sign for less than what was initially offered. That’s good business especially considering the agents track record.

Players out of position? Who is that exactly? AC Leonard who beat out Lemon as the starter? Francis at S who played very well. Hazime who can backup on either side of the ball like Quinn in Calgary? Who exactly is out of position?

The only thing you do after each & every post is prove how little you know about football.

PS, since you like to crow about the Argos starting 9 Canadians did you fail to realize that the Lemon signing was not to back up Hickman but to get Foley off the field?

With more truth to the above statement - Quote from Jamie Nye: “AC Leonard, the former BC Lion receiver, sacked Ray twice as the Riders have converted him to Defensive End because of his play in training camp has dropped Lemon down the depth chart.”

They haven’t received any draft pick, its a conditional 2018 draft pick.

Leonard has no pass rush ability. Understandable, since he’s never played DE before and learning to be a pro level pass rusher isn’t something that’s learned over a couple of 4hr practice sessions.

His only “move” is to barrel straight into the OT with a bull rush. This caught Bourke off guard in the game last week and led to a sack.

But once teams get some film on Leonard they’re going to figure this out pretty quick. The OTs will just sit back and absorb him - - especially when they know he doesn’t have any other moves to beat them.

And speaking of DEs, Justin Cappy looked even worse than I was expecting. Looping wide outside the OTs and taking himself totally out of the play, giving some asinine head-bob to try and deke around the OLinemen and basically looking completely lost when it came to reading screens and shove lpasses. As I explained to Rider Fan in the offseason, he’s a system player who benefitted greatly from the BedBags scheme.

Yup, AC Leonard was in Ricky Ray’s grill all night.

Out of position according to the Area51 simpleton.

So you’re saying a quality veteran Olineman like Bourke couldn’t handle Leonards one move all game long? funny

Not just posters on here bashing Jones:

Does Mr. Jones know what's happening in Saskatchewan?

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"Does Jones know?" lol!

Sure hope they weren't counting on actually playing Sewell, otherwise this trade just makes them look silly.

Who’s “bashing Jones” on this site? It certainly isn’t me - - I’m just calling it as I see it.

Bottom line is, the guy is in WAY over his head as a rookie GM trying to also be the HC and DC. Couple that with his personality of being a paranoid dictator, and it’s a recipe for disaster in Regina.


I love how you asked who’s bashing Jones in the same post you call him a paranoid dictator. You’re definitely the most entertaining troll on this site. Well done.

Just calling it as it is, my friend.

No GM in the history of the CFL has this many misguided FA signings and lopsided trades in such a short period of time on the job.

That’s not “belittling” - - that’s the cold hard reality.

Not sure why you put quotes around belittling when you’re the only one to use that word in this thread.

What you’re doing is bashing Jones. Doesn’t matter if you believe it’s true or not, you’re still bashing him.

You’re reality is Oz.

Has Jones made mistakes? Sure, all GMs do. There is no way he would’ve known that Price would take his signing bonus & go home. There is no way he would’ve known that Campbell would retire. Sometime unfortunate things happen, like Andre Monroe retiring on the Argos after being traded from the Riders.

It’s also laughable that you criticize AC Leonard when he was going up against one of the best tackles in the league yet stick got 2 sacks, 3 hurries, & was in Ricky Rays grill all game long.

In one offseason Jones & Murphy have turned over 85% of the Riders roster & were 1-2 plays away from beating the Argos in their first game. I get that it pains you that after every post you show all the members here how little you actually know about football.

One thing you are good at however is making up juvenile names for football players, just like that 9 year kid who lives across the street.

Mo Price quitting was besides the point - - the biggest mistakes were signing such a soft, mediocre Import receiver with brutal hands and then offering him $30k in upfront money. Mo Price is/was a terrible football player - - there’s no other way to sugar coat that fact.

Not only was Shawn Lemon the Riders prized FA acquisition this off season, he was being pushed hard as the new “face of the franchise”. Giving him away after just ONE (1) game when they’d already paid more than half of his salary for a hopelessly bad OLineman who had already announced to the entire league that he would not play for anyone other than an Ontario team was a horrific embarrassment.

Be careful about pumping Leonard’s tires too hard. Be very careful, my friend. You’re setting yourself up for a colossal toadaso once OTs around the league watch film and realize the TE-turned-DE has no pass rush ability other than a bull rush.

As for the “1-2 plays away” - - that’s the exact same refrain that Rider Fan was spouting last year when the team was 0-4. Remind me again, how things worked out in Regina last season?

Why can't you shut up and stop being so negative.. And after only 1 damn game! Go back to Riderfans and join that shit show.

Oh wait you're banned. one likes having their teams warts exposed...