Efrem Hill

Hey folks! I don’t visit many of the specific team forums very often, with the exception of my own, but I was curious enough to come here and ask you guys about Efrem Hill. He’s a player I’ve actually quite enjoyed watching in Rider games, and I was just wondering what’s his status right now? He was supposedly with Edmonton before, but I had never heard of him.

I think he’s a keeper for you guys. I don’t know how long he’s signed for or anything, or if you guys think he could be traded for someone that might help you out somewhere else you need it.

Will I hopefully be seeing Efrem Hill in Rider Green again next season? :slight_smile:

I think most players status is up in the air. Don't make Hill. Shoe-in next year.

Hill is going nowhere. He will be playing Andy's spot next season once Andy is gone.

It's quite remarkable the difference in his production when he is lined up as an outside receiver compared to when he is lined up as a slot. It's like invisible to star.

It may just be that the schemes favour the slots or DD is less comfortable with the wide-out options, I don't know. But I don't think it is all external to Hill. Guys like Bagg were very productive in the same schemes and with the same qb. Curious, really.

Some players just need to find their spot. playing inside and playing flank are vastly different routes, and yes, generally a first read. Look at Getz, he did very poorly in the first part of the season, then he and Hill were shuffled and both excelled.