Hi there Toronto just noticed your ticket sales for the EF next Sunday not bad likes like it will probably be sold out ( lower bowl configuration) what do you think will be the chance of opening the upper deck ?

Just my opinion but I think if Hamilton is the opponent then the upper sections will be opened for sure. Not so sure it will happen if Montreal makes it to the East Final. Honestly I can’t understand why this game shouldn’t draw 40k minimum regardless of who comes to town.

Depends on the hype and advertising etc. I would love to see a packed house. But I've personally always thought the CFL is crazy for having playoff games on Sundays when the NFL is in session. Yes, it's an Eastern Final but unfortunately people will probably stay home and watch a 3-6 Bills squad take on the 2-6 Steelers. Our league just can't compete with a juggernaut.

Wonder if that was the case in 2005 when the argos fot 44,000 against montreal .EXCUSES , EXCUSES, EXCUSES.

Argo fans are always complaining that the RC is the problem why their attendance is low so don’t expect too many Argo fans. There will be more Ticat fans than Argo fans.

I think they should get over 40,000 for the game now that hamilton is there! Let's just hope management opens up the 500 level!

Looks like they have sold everything except under the scoreboard and have not yet opend up the 500 level.

i say around 36,000 at the most. with walk up, i hope they can get 40,000 but it would have to be aa huge serge of ticket sales .all though they do have 5 days to do it.

good on you TO/HAMILTON

The CFL beats the NFL in the T.V. ratings on Sunday or any other day during the regular season and the play off 99% of the time. :thup:

Wrong again. Lots of CATs fans will be there but so will many ARGO fans , like my whole family [8].
Over 1.6 MILLION people watched the last regular season game between the ARGO and the CATS and the attendance was 28,000+ at the RC :smiley:

Like ROGERS , you do realize that you like dumping on your own culture and all that you are doing is helping Americans get richer IN the U.S., not in , Canada?
You will never get your NFL team and all you are trying to do is hurt the CFL.
There are still lots and lots of tickets for the BILLS game in Toronto. Have you got yours yet?
How stupid can some Canadians be. Do you also do all of your shopping in the U.S. as well?

The 500 level on the HOME side between the 20 yards lines with be open starting at $38 :thup:
They will go on sale this Thursday at 10 AM.

I'LL eat my shirt if there are more than 10,000 people from Hamilton at the RC Sunday. 10,000 is a good number but more than Argo fans, no way.

So far they have sold over 30,000 tickets with 2 and a half days to go. Yes , there will be lots of CAT fans but the majority will be ARGO fans. The game with have great atmosphere. :thup:

500 level now open (one side the first 10 rows or so).

They have opened even more sections in the 500 level and they are going fast. :rockin:
In most of the sections are 15 rows.

Not a bad crowed 35,000 + I can imagine if it was Montreal I say lucky at 30.000 still a lot of work to do in Toronto

:thdn: :thdn: 35,000 for a edf game! There were close to 20,000 hamilton fans at the game! If Montreal were playing they be lucky to get over 22,000 for the game. Cfl should give a big bonus to the referee in the semi final game for not giving a flag for the pass interference at the end of the game.