EF - Ottawa vs Hamilton

GO CATS GO! - Down the Endless River And Rattle that Lock at TDF.


I will come to this thread for the EF.

I am going to stay away from the one Johnny Always Needs Attention started.

First, the game is sold out. Great job Ottawa.

Next, I can not see Ott losing this game. Neither Ham or Tor showed any reason to think otherwise.

Ham does have a great D and Special teams, but you need a trigger guy on the O.

Ott 27 Ham 18

I'll be cheering for Ottawa now that the universe has unfolded as expected for the B.C. Lions. They lost big time against Calgary and will now be cleaning out their lockers.

I'm hoping Ottawa wins because Hamilton has had two cracks at the Grey Cup these past two years and it is time for another team to have a go at it.
It would also be great to see Ottawa Redblacks get into the Grey Cup Game in only their 2nd year as a franchise. This would be great for Ottawa fans and the CFL.

If Burris can stay healthy for the entire game I think they will do a number on Hamilton. Given the fact that Toronto almost beat Hamilton I think the Hamilton players feeling are pretty fortunate to be getting ready for the Eastern Final instead of cleaning out their lockers.

Can the Cats ( or Stamps ) get through a game without a string of injuries ?

Cats again got banged up in the semi. Fantuz still has the cast.

Cats have no QB.

Ott fresh with a jacked up crowd.

This game belongs to Ott.

If Ott wins, it will be the best CFL story ever. A replacement team in big game after a 2-16 in their 2nd year.
Plus not in since 1981 and some very bad years.
Just gotta keep the nerves in check with all they hype.

Burris and the other veterans should be a calming effect.



Have you ever been diagnosed for OCD ?

Your obsession for anti-Cats threads is disturbing.

BTW, if you provide nothing else , stop hacking and altering threads. :x

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I expected the Cats to beat the Argos. Hamilton seems to match up well against them, it was played at THF, and both teams have struggled in the last third of the season. I was actually a little surprised that so many people were picking Toronto (some even saying blowout). I knew it'd be close, but thought overall, Hamilton had the advantage. A game isn't Ray vs. Masoli - it's Ray vs. the Ticats D and vice versa. Ray is better than Masoli, but Hamilton's defense is better than Toronto's, so that balances out - and Hamilton has better special teams. What did it come down to? Specials.

This game... I'm less confident. I think that Ottawa might win this one. They're healthy at the right time, they're at home, everyone is cheering for the 'comeback' story, their QB is having an MOP season. But of course, Hamilton shouldn't be discounted. If not for the 2 picks in the redzone by Mathews (or those botched calls), Hamilton would've beaten Ottawa the first time they played. They still would've have won the East, but it proves that it's not impossible. Henry and the RBs are not unbeatable.

Go Cats! (We're used to being the underdogs anyway)

In view of all of Hamilton's key injuries - add Norwood to the list - Ottawa has to be favoured.

It is tough to beat a team 3 times in a row though - but I think the injury situation - especially at QB - is just too much in Ottawa's favour for my Cats to overcome.


Good lord. I don't even know what to make of that...

REDBLACKS favoured by 6.5 on the point spread ? Gimme the points all day long. I'm hoping for a Cat victory but if the RB's do win it won't be by 7. I'm thinking that this will be much like the first game they played....low scoring and very tightly played especially if the weather is bad. A field goal is going to decide this one I think and hopefully it's MONEY Medlock who kicks it for the winner for a 2nd straight week. Anyway ya look at it this has all the earmarks of possibly being a true playoff classic where the last team with the ball wins it and will be heading off to the Peg next week. :smiley:

Hamilton MUST keep the game close to have any chance. They are going up against a much better defence that Toronto had. If Ottawa jumps on them early it could turn into a blowout though. We shall just have to wait and see what happens. Get the popcorn, pizza and beer ready for an interesting Sunday!! :slight_smile:

wow, scalpers are making a killing on this game...

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Some scalped tickets going for for $510 each according to @Robt_Bostelaar for the #Ticats at #RedBlacks Eastern FInal. #CFL

Here are the odds, Vegas Odds Offshore site has Ottawa (-6.5) and Edmonton (2.5/-3) final score, Vegas Odds Insider site Ottawa (-3.5) and Edmonton (-1) at the end of the first half.

With all the attention, the Ott O gets ( 4 - 1000 yrd receivers !!!!! ), people have over looked how good the Ott D is.
They lead the CFL in sacks by a wide stride.

They have some holes in the ST area that needs to be addressed.

Totally. One article I read earlier this week said Ottawa has no weaknesses. Nonsense. Their kick coverage is awful. It had only improved slightly in the last month of the season but failed again in the last game against Hamilton. Really, of Hamilton's 28 points, 16 essentially came from special teams. Onside punt for a TD, return to their 3 to set up another, and a return of a missed single for 2.

And they do nothing on returns. Jamill Smith's improved things a bit there when he was brought back, but the blocking is terrible anyway. It always looks like the other team has 16 guys on the field. We've just reached the point of being pleased when they don't fumble or lose yards.

With all of the attention that Ottawa's 4 - "1000 yard" receivers are getting, people are forgetting that Hamilton ALSO has a VERY talented receiving corps - two of whom also had 1000 yards (Tasker and Sinkfield) although neither one of them played a full season (14 and 15 games respectively) In fact I'm pretty sure none of their receivers started every game but that doesn't mean that they lack talent. They have a very good defense, better special teams and playoff experience together as a team including coaches who have gotten them through before. Write them off at your own peril.

You mad bro? 8)

No Way am I writing off the Cats. Awesome receiving group.
Now about the banged up O-lineTC and QB issues..........