EEEEs at Nags Game Thread (Sept. 6, 5:30 pm ET, TSN)

One wonders when the Stamps are going to take control and make another blowout of it.

I think it woulda done the Esks more good if that recovery by Dales had stood instead of the penalty, we need a big wakeup call to get outta walking dead mode


Three picks on three consecutive plays?!

Is that some kind of record?!


And a pick-six

26-5 Calgary now

Suitor is right -- the Esk receiving corps has been trash today!

Well, I do recall some BADDDDDDDDDDD Hamilton-Toronto games in the late 70s... LOL


The last fumble is on Ray, but he's being shellshocked. It would be a good idea for Hall to put in the kid in the second half.

wow Edmonton just looks horrible.
I cant wait till we play them.

Earlier today, I criticized Glenn after a pump fake when he had little time left to throw. Good to see he's not the only QB who does that.

CGY gets TD after that with little time left in the half. 33-5 Stamps. Ugly.

Time to phone the rest of the season in, maybe if we cut the team now and forfeit the rest of our games we can at least save some money so that STHs can be refunded for having to watch this mess at the stadium and on national TV.

Your 1000th post was a clever one, reminding me of the kinds of posts we saw around here not too long ago. We understand what it's like to go through this.

Ray airs it out to end half, but it only improved his stats and Nowacki's.

Glad those days are over, well at least I hope they are. :slight_smile:

Certain fanbases in this league can get delusional after a win or two -- or even after a bad game. The silver lining for Ticat Nation after suffering years of futility is that folks have a better grip on the present then some who may think a Grey Cup parade is behind every corner or doomed by one miscue, etc. :wink:


It's a total wipeout!

That all sounds about right. After today's win, it looks like most posts are about Cobb's bad game.

Then another CGY TD. 40-5 for them.

They have 40 points and there is 8:40 left in the 3rd quarter.

I really fell sorry for the Edmonton fans right now. This is embarrassing even to watch.

Mind you, a miscue in a Grey Cup can cost you a parade...Google "thirteen." LOL

42 - 5 :o

Ah, it may be a long time before those "13th man" jokes will get old.

Pre does not punt from endzone, makes it even more one-sided with safety concession. But it is just another two...

More to the point, I respect most of what I have read from Edmonton fans in the midst of their horrible season thus far. Their standards re expectations and the tradition of the organization makes their angst understandable. Then you read some of the Skeeterville fan commentary and you wonder what colour is the sky on their planet: Bishop last year as the anointed saviour, calling the Cats fans out after the first defeat, going off AS IF it's 1990 all over again, etc. There are other examples but those two ends of the spectrum are most striking to me.

Tate now in at QB, that makes sense. They don't need Burris in there anymore.