EEEEs at Larks Game Thread, Oct. 28, TSN, 1 pm et

Joseph is getting killed right now by the Als pass rush. The Cox fumble return TD was overturned though.

20-4 Montreal after three quarters.

Another Montreal TD taken away through (correct) video review. Fumble by Joseph, but he got control of it before having it stripped again, but he was on the ground for the second one.

And the fumble was a result of a missed block by Darcy Brown, second one by him in three plays. Pretty good receiver, but a horrible blocker. Never did figure out why the Ticats figured they could convert him into a tight end, and definitely no idea why, after seeing him play here, the Eskimos figured they'd continue to use him the same way.

Yes, Brown has been sub-par in blocking. Another ugly aspect of the Esk offensive ineptitude.

I have to bid this thread adieu. Enjoy the rest of this...if possible. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Things are getting scary

Nichols comes in to replace Joseph, and thanks to two ex-Ticats (Mullinder and Hebert) colliding on the blitz, throws a 95 yard throw and run TD, followed by a successful two-point convert. He now has almost as many yards after his one pass as Joseph has had all game.

20-12 Als

Nichols has thrown four passes, and all four were caught. Unfortunately for him, one was brought down by Dwight Anderson for the pick.

Brian Bomben (#64) in at tight end catches a pass from Calvillo for his first career TD. Double coverage, he had to leap for that one and fight off one of the defenders. Pretty impressive for someone over 300 pounds.

27-12 Als

Impressive drive by Nichols. Nice passes, then 11 yards on the draw. Finally threw his first two incompletions on 1st and 2nd and goal, and then a completion to Chambers for the TD on 3rd down.

27-19 Als

Edmonton went for a long short kickoff - 25 yards down the middle - and almost came down with it, but were offside anyway.

McPherson in for Calvillo with two minutes left.

Another good drive by Nichols, starting at their own 8 yard line. But time is running out. Nichols spiked the ball to stop the clock so he could huddle?


And with 3.4 seconds left, Nichols throws it to Stamps for the TD. Nice throw. Nice catch. Going for two. And incomplete. Whew!

Final: 27-25 Als

Still alive ! Go out to TO and kick some ass :thup: :rockin:

I was ready to puke after the Fred Stamps touchdown on the last play of the game. Didn't even watch the 2 point conversion.

We're still alive.



Even though we shouldn't be in this position :thup: go into Argo land and kick some ass Chris Williams in a dome dangerous my friends ....... :cowboy: :thup:

Well two of the puzzle pieces have fallen into place. Two to go.

We play ahead of TO next week, Thursday, we need the win to set the bar for Edm.