EEEEs at Gang Green Game Thread (Nov. 6, 7 pm et, TSN)

Edmonton at Saskatchewan
Saturday, Nov. 6
7 pm et / 4 pm pt

Obviously the result in the "Fur Bowl" in the afternoon will dictate the urgency the Esks apply to this contest. As for the Riders, they can say they are resting some of their starters...but that can be argued for stretches of somnolence in recent weeks. Can the Riders get their act together? If this is a barometer of a potential WDSF, which way will that read at game's end?

Ricky Ray is taking first team snaps in Edmonton practice. We shall see how he responds.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hopefully this will be a playoff-charged battle even if the Cats take care of business in the first half of the CFL doubleheader today! It may be one heck of a WDSF preview anyway!

If the Lions win at IWS, that will ratchet the stakes at Mosaic a lot more...we shall see!

The game preview will be linked to when available.

Oski We Wee,

Russ's game preview is at

Ricky Ray will start as Edmonton QB tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,


Ahhhhhh, the meaning of meaningful games!

Ought to be ratcheted up now!

Oski Wee Wee,


3-1 Edmonton, first quarter...

Ray got CRUSHED on a RTP play! Zabransky may be needed.

Ray stays in the!

Barrin Simpson is limping off. Not good.

Ray-to-Stamps TD -- 10-1 Esks.

Gary Etcheverry's non-Eurasian-fire-drill-like schemes are getting burned these days.

Well, the tide has turned...LOL

The Riders are awake and the Esks are in deep. 29-16, 8:14 left in the third quarter.

This is where our decision not to fire Hall and Strasser till after the season will cost us the playoffs. Easy missed tackles on defense just compound the problem.

Man somebody kicked the greenriders in the rear they're puttin the boots to the esks

a lefumble!!!!!

hey did anyone see that report saying that the new roof on BC place can't be opened or closed while it's raining?

It's over

31-23 Riders..the Esks are done.

Two scenarios come to mind for 2011:

  1. Dave Ritchie returns as Esks HC

  2. Greg Marshall (our DC) is named new Esks HC.

In scenario 2), Richie Hall would be a likely candidate to become DC for the Cats under Marcel...