EEEEs at Evil Incarnate EDSF Thread, Nov. 11, 1 pm

Well, that's the first Esk FD in a while, no? They get it on 2nd and 15.

And then they get another FD after that.

They do need to get back to basics, get little things right...

Esks get their first points since the opening drive TD as Shaw's attempt from by the 35 is good.

31-10 blue team.

So TSN does recognize that this is Remembrance Day. Was sort of wondering when the cut away at the beginning of the minute silence at the start of the broadcast. :thdn:

Late push on Nichols gains Esks 15 yards.

But after that:

Esks O line still looking porous, and now Nichols is down, holding his knee. Ouch.

And he got called for intentional grounding.

That was one of those injuries that lead to players on both teams looking concerned and medical staff on both teams looking after that player.

Very unfortunate.

Waters wide right on the 39 attempt. A questionable PI call led to them getting that rouge.

32-10 for that evil team. KJ in at QB again.

Great one-handed catch by Henry… but O’Donnell taking UR penalty sends it back. O’Donnell has taken at least two procedure calls as well.

Then Joseph gets sacked to make it 3rd and 32.

There has been talk about Jyles being given a chance. And it would only be appropriate that EDM’s season ends with them being unable to decide who should be their QB.

Waters good from 38 that time.

Ray sure has been impressive, not throwing many incomplete passes. Some Esks fans may be saying "FIRE TILLMAN... oh, wait..." :slight_smile:

KJ still in for Esks, though.

Kind of a questionable UR call against McCune (looked like KJ was still in bounds, was not that late a hit.)

Not that it matters at this point. KJ running in for the TD and getting the two point convert after that is just too late now.

You gotta feel bad for Kavis Reed. To have your franchise QB traded for an eventual 3rd stringer. Tillman left the Esks in total disarray.

Kackert runs in for the TD to make it even more one-sided.

42-18 for that other Ontario team.

And that other Ontario team looked much better in the trenches. They just got in the faces of Joseph and Nichols all afternoon.

But the blue team shouldn't find it so easy next week at the Big Owe.

Not sure I've ever seen a team take a knee three times and leave the other team almost a minute left on the clock. Sure, not much chance of a comeback with a 24 point lead, but still....

Make that a 16 point lead with 23 seconds left. But no.

I don't think I have either, but I don't think there'll be much criticism of that decision. It's over.

Esks did get TD with 2 point convert to make it look less one-sided, though. 42-26 is how this will end.

Let's hope Montreal will be much better against this blue team, which they certainly should be.


    Well said. That pretty well sizes up Edmonton's season.