EEEEs at Evil Incarnate EDSF Thread, Nov. 11, 1 pm

The Esks are up 7-0 early - Toronto appears flat.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hi Russ.

Esks are missing Sherritt but that evil team has yet to get their first down. They have only had two drives so far, though.

The Esks first drive for the TD sure looked good.

First quarter ends with Boyd fumbling it away by the Esks 30.

Not what you want to do if you want to make the team the dumped you regret doing so.

7-0 Esks after one quarter. Toronto is trying to capitalize on a Cory Boyd turnover.

It looked like they'd get zero after that after a great effort by Burnett to try to pick that. But challenging that was the right call and the INT ruling was overturned.

And then Kackert gets the TD.


Now Edmonton not looking so impressive after 2 and out, then punt, then that punt returned for TD by Owens.

14-7 for that evil team.

What a time for Edmonton to give up their first return TD of the year.

Toronto penalized for tackling the QB. Huh. But makes up for it with the "pick?"

Wow, deep pass complete to Stamps.

A very questionable UR call after that.

Then it gets picked and returned 52 yards.

Esks O line not looking so good against the D that has the fewer sacks than any other D in the league.

Things keep coming apart for the Esks as the blue team gets the TD that drive.

21-7 for that evil team.

Frig.....I was hoping the Esks would win this game but since I started watching it the A holes have scored three straight TD's.

These are quite the kickoffs we're seeing from Waters.

And then the Esks lose nine yards that drive.

Of course, there is talk about Cuthbert and Suitor that maybe Nichols should go in, but at least it was admitted that KJ can't be blamed for a lot of what's going wrong with the Esks.

Then Waters gets FG to make it 24-7.

KJ still in at QB.

Mann gets a bunch of yards he never should have been given. Always was good at YAC.

Esks D has been missing tackles. They sure are missing Sherritt.

Yup. And to add the exclamation point to that, Ray runs it in for a TD on the draw.

Six seconds left in the half and Ray runs in for TD.

Esks back to looking like a mess.

31-7 for that evil team.

Toronto is up 31-7 at the half. The Esks have completely imploded since the first offensive drive.

So the first half ends that way. Blue team outscores Esks 31-0 in the second quarter. It all went downhill after Boyd fumbled one away at the end of the first quarter.

And once again Esks are missing Sherritt. And of course, they are missing Ray.

I did think this game would be a reminder of why Tillman is currently out of a job.

Blue team goes 2 and out to start as they choose not to gamble on 3rd and 1.

Now let's see what Nichols can do.