EEEEEs at Nags Game Thread, Sat. July 23, 7 pm et TSN

Sat. July 23
Edmonton at Calgary
7pm/4pm TSN

Ought to be a fine Battle of Alberta down at the Ranch!

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ's pre-game preview is up at the link above.

Oski Wee Wee,


Should be the game of the week. Go Stamps

This game is about to begin...

3-0 Stamps after a 47-yard FG by Paredes

Ray-to-Stamps -- 55-yard pass TD! 7-3 Esks

7-4 Esks now after the Paredes missed FG single.

End of first quarter.

10-5 Esks now

17-5 Esks -- Ray to Stamps AGAIN -- Stamps with a great snag!

Be back later -- supper and a Dexter episode break awaits!

Shades of last night's game here. Esks had Stamps convincingly beaten, but let them back in the game. Stamps are back within 3 points 5 minutes into the fourth quarter.

21-19 Esks, 3:45 left, 4th quarter

Stamps moved the ball well on that drive, but Paredes shanks the FG attempt for a single.

21-19 Edmonton

EDIT: Not quite a chip-shot. Looked away from the TV for a minute, and missed the 13 yard loss on the sack.

24 - 19 Esks, Q4 1:36.

Stamps moving well again, inside the 35.

Burris has his arm hit on third down, Esks hold on the Stamps' last drive -- 24-19 final

Turnover on downs after three incompletions in a row by Burris - knockdown, overthrow, arm hit on sack attempt.

A couple of kneels kiils the clock.

Final: 24 - 19 Esks