EEEEEs at Nags Game Thread (August 15, 7:30 pm ET, TSN)

Sunday, August 15
Edmonton at Calgary
Availble also in TSN HD

Thought I would tee this one up early...I'll post the game preview link if/when I see it...

We'll see how deep the hole has gotten for the Esks -- and how an East crossover IS on the table at this stage of the season!

Is there a Ray of Light from the Igloo? Stay tuned...

Oski Wee Wee,


Is there a Ray of light in the igloo? Stay tuned.... :thup: Hope there is just a tiny bit of light.

Enjoy the game, Backer! :smiley:

Good day folks -- hopefully we'll have a barnburner to end a good weekend of football! :wink:

The game preview of tonight's tilt is at

Oski Wee Wee,


just becuase they had that PI segment during the pre-game, i bet the refs miss a big PI call and cost a team the game

CFL refs really need to get a standard on PI cause right now they are just throwing flags and hoping it was even close or just watching like statues wondering if they shoulda thrown a flag, its pathetic, hopfully they do some work during the bye weeks :?

Reynolds is an unbelievible running back, he is the key to the Stamps success on offence

you need a good running game to hav a good passing game (unless your the Ticats, we'll pass all day on you and have fun doing it :lol: )

didnt we try a formation like that earlier in the year???

Four consecutive nights of football is sweet.

I guess we're cheering for the Nags as it increases a chance of an Eastern cross-over.

11-1 Calgary after one quarter.

18-1 Calgary now after the Franklin TD from Burris

When Jason Maas comes into the game for you things are bad (from direct experience).

OUCH 56 15 Calgary all over Edmonton 2:44 Left

Hall will Fired after this ..

I couldn't keep up with updating the slaughter, Tom! LMAO Hall will be gone, I believe. I have never seen an Edmonton team in such abject disarray.

I'm afraid that Ricky Ray is literally being beaten out of the elite of CFL quarterbacks by attrition!

Oski Wee Wee,