EEEEES at Mosquito Excitement Game Thread, July 25, 8:30 pm

Edmonton at Winnipeg
July 25
8:30 pm et / 5:30 pm pt

Let us see if the Peg is on the Brink of disaster or not. If you can have a must-win early in the season, this is it!

Oski Wee Wee,


Things just keep getting tougher for the Peg. With a slew of offensive issues they now have the task of facing the CFL's top defense. I doubt the Bombers find a way to squeak out their first victory tonight.


Kickoff is imminent.

Still cannot get used to the Green helmets.

1-0 Bombers. The Bombers are now 3 and half quarters of shut out football away from their first victory!

Wow great play by Burke Dales! Such a rare play in the CFL but i love when it happens, just a great football savvy play.

Bombers offence looking better than in first 4 weeks. They have me doubting my pregame prediction....until they fumble and shoot themselves in the foot once again :lol:


Edmonton may have to pull Fuhr. Bob Essensa would be a better QB right now that Alex Brink, but I digress.

1-0 Jets? LOL Both offenses are UGLY.


:lol: Its a barn burner now

The Leafs score more often than these guys, that's pretty sad

Anybody else watching this game on-line?
I'm getting the ESPN UK feed. The commercials are all British, it's kind of strange.

Jyles has horrible accuracy and Brink is being exposed - he can throw straight down the pipe or out to the flat...any other throw is either a divot or on a pickable rope.

Jyles FINALLY hits a deep throw - 11-1 after the Koch TD.

Edmonton slowly pulling away from the Bummers.

Wow wow wow, what a play by Chris Mathews! What a great grab and boy did the Bombers need that one! Great way to end the half.

Wow. Brink throws the slowest bomb in recorded history and Edmonton's secondary lays an egg. 14-11 Edmonton at the half.

I think Kavis will have a few choice words for his secondary on that last play. That should never happen.
Edmonton is letting Winnipeg stay in the game.

Hmmmmmm sounds like another team I know who likes to let teams hang around :wink: