EEEEEs at LaPolice State Game Thread (July 24, 6:30ET, TSN)

Eskimos at Blue Bombers
Today at 6:30pm et/3:30pm pt

Also available on TSN HD

Can the Esks begin the dig out of their huge hole? Can Steven Jyles finally make an impact as a starter for the injured Buck Pierce in Winnipeg?’s game preview is at .


Oski Wee Wee,



TSN coverage begins in about 30 minutes... :wink:

Kickoff is imminent...

Ray is hit, fumbles -- Bomber recovery for a TD...7-0 Winnipeg

The Esk O-line is a sieve at the moment -- Ray had NO chance on the latest sack.

Drexl's favourite play strikes again: Prefontaine retreats in the end zone, concedes a safety. 9-0 Bombers

Cheer for the Gold and Yellow go Esk!!


The Bummers need to be whipped here Go EE

Fred Reid gashes the Esk D...Bombers gain 37 yards.

Edmonton looks like a 0-3 team...

Man Edmonton Stinks so Bad they Can smell them in Calgary

Ok... EE has spotted them enough.. time to kill them

16-0 The bombers have come to play

Good evening HTD!

16-0 with the Reid TD.

Richie Hall, meet the eight ball you're behind!

Evenin Russ et al

The Wurling Durbish Return..

Can Al coordinate an offense? LMAO

The NFL Network is being treated to a dog so far...

wooo a Stop Finaly by the Edmonton D

Russ as Dog owner I dislike that (My dog is Pretty)

Call it what it is it is ugly