EEEEEs at Gang Green Game Thread (July 17, 4.m. ET, TSN)

Eskimos at Riders (TSN,
Today at 4pm et/1pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

Will the Eskie continue to slide? Will the Riders roll to 3-0?

Ought to be another shootout at Mosaic!'s game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is on TSN2 momentarily as that stupid game with the little white ball is on TSN until it switches over... :wink:

Uhhmmmmm WHY is Golf showing on my TV??????

Switch to TSN2 :wink:

Stupid TSN.. get it right bozos

Time for a new Gluebag Jimmy Sig quote

:lol: :lol: :lol:

The Red Ryders? LOL Hideous centennial garb...

Well looks like we gotta wait till they finish the 18th hole of golf. :x


The two teams playing are SSK and EDM not CAL as the score ticker says

:oops: :thdn:

Expecting something Fantuztic soon... LOL

I bet the SSK D holds Calgary to ZERO points this game!!

LMAO Eagle Eye -- you are correct. LOL

LOL :lol:

Congi FG makes it 3-0 Lunatic Fringe :wink:

Nice kick.. 54 yarder

I'm certanly glad I made it home in time to watch the game. Had had pvr set to record TSN, NOT TSN2. Man I'd be pissed if this happened to a Ti-Cat game I couldn't be home to watch live.

LMAO at your sig, HTD....

lol… thanks…I have a few from the crack smoker

Impressive EE drive so far

Some odd QB shuffling going on for Edmonton