EEEEEEEs at Gang Green Preseason - Fri. June 17 9 pm et TSN

Friday, June 17
Edmonton at Saskatchewan

It is our first look at two former Tiger-Cat defensive coordinators as head coaches when the Kavis Reed-led Esks travel to face Greg Marshall's Roughriders. We shall see how their squads are shaping up this preseason with this contest!

Oski Wee Wee


Since Ray won’t be playing; QB Matt Nichols will be my eye watch guy and hope he gets to start. As for the Roughriders; like to see how QB Cole Bergquist does running the offence.

Indeed! I hope to catch some of the game tonight. If I can, I will post some thoughts here during the contest.

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm looking forward to Kerry Joseph having a strong outing. As the Eskies are in rebuild mode, maybe they hope he'll be trade bait for a team with a QB injury.

You Winnipeg by game 3?...


No blitzing...
this sounds pretty ridiculous :roll:

Good to see a couple ex-TiCats coordinators as head coaches. Good luck to them (with the necessary restrictions).

Ramsay and Reid both starting for Edmonton.

I don't know if I'll watch all of this one. Preseason games tend to be boring, though this 61 km/h wind should make things more interesting.

And will we see Marc Mueller in at QB later? This article says that may happen: ... story.html

They might keep Joseph around. They may need a veteran around in case Ray gets injured. Who would they use at QB? Anyone? Anyone?

Mueller? Mueller? Mueller? :slight_smile:

I wonder is Sask will employ the 'bend don't break' defence?

Joseph has looked horrible so far.


Not our "Rusty", but you know, being on the shelf too long.

That at least had a somewhat entertaining finish. Schiavone was wide right from midfield to end it, and the Riders had the right number of players on the field that time. :wink:

It made sense that Mueller did not play much if he's going be playing for the Regina Rams again. But he does have a perfect completion percentage so far. :slight_smile:

And Nichols did look better than Joseph.

That was kind of a boring game, but tomorrow's should at least be more interesting to us.

Yeah Joseph didn’t look all that good from what I saw when I was watching.

With that swirling wind, the game did have an interesting twist to it at the end. Nichols did look poised for the most part running the offence; decent ground game and one unfortunate ball that sprung loose on him. Anyway, I wish your team well against the Argo's, Lemon gets the start, but I'm sure the Ti-Cat D will be ready for no matter who is at the helm.

Too bad for Schiavone that the snap was so crappy. Really messed up his timing. The holder reaching really high to catch the snap was about all I could see from that one camera angle since there was so much rain on the lens. I had no idea where the ball was until the official in the endzone indicated it was wide. :lol:

Really Proud of Ronnie Grandson Mark Murler #11

3 for 3 and did not look out of Place

If Edmonton Cuts this Kid We should add him to our Roster as our 4th QB

Same old Bishop.


But I may have mixed emotions when/if Brannagan goes up against our D.

Ah yes, I was disappointed to not find out if that was good or not until after it happened.

On another note, it was good to see Jason Barnes playing again after having a ruptured spleen.