EEEEEEEEEs at Leos Game Thread (November 6, 10:30 pm ET, TSN

Ummmm…they do. LMAO At least in the “you are banned in 5-4-3…” department. LOL

LOL, good job. You have to put the new sig in. Better than the current one :thup:

I think they only do that when they SEE it… there is no way they can know what you are putting up until they visually look at it

Hopefully they tie, then after we beat you in the BlueOut we won't have to see you again.

Oh yeah?

Hopefully they tie, then after we beat you in the BlueOut we won’t have to see you again.

We shall see. :wink: But actually, the “Block” function here is more effective.


Foe-get him... he's a "nobody"

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

Now WHERE is that middle finger emoticon??

Hmm. Nobody really wants the Spies to win. Nobody also seems to consider Nobody important. :wink:

Anyway, the loser of this game (and hopefully there will be a loser of it) will be that crossover team. I'd prefer to see BC win, and that's what I think will happen. We may have defeated them both times we played them, where we saw Cobb do much to make his numbers as good as they are. But those wins were without Printers in the BC lineup. We know we can beat this Edmonton team too. That's we could have and should have done in Edmonton, but we beat them at IWS, where that game would be.

Nobody, is a Blew bomber fan… fitting though isn’t it…lol

I was having some fun with the ambiguous sentences you can come up with when someone has that alias. Another one: Nobody thinks the Spies have a good chance of winning on Sunday. :slight_smile:


This could be fun until kick off



WOW.... Ray to Barrin Miles... for the BC 1st down!!!!

Ray throws one directly into the hands of Miles, BC gets good field position.

We are a much different team than when we lost those games.

NOBODY steps into IWS expecting they can win.

NODODY hosts the Cats expecting they can win.

The "New Reality"

Get used to it,

Enjoy it.

Uhoh.. Cp's comeback may be short lived..... sore hand it seems

Printers injures his throwing hand already? So soon into his comeback, ouch.

But I think Pierce will do fine. He's already in FG range.

Already, this game looks like it's gonna be a blow out

Wow, sacks don’t get much easier than that.

3-0 BC after routine McCallum FG.

Let’s hope so, so we will really not have to worry about the dreaded splitting of the two points between these teams.

What a cruddy weekend!

Must fly to VCR on Saturday, and miss those games, arrive at a weird hour and face the time zone issue to catch the Cat game.

This one tonight isn't going to be a "blowout" though!

An "injury" is apt to happen, and "injuries" favour the Lions. who are better coached.


Doesn't matter win or draw on Sunday, or its a wasted year.

Doesn’t look much like a blowout to me. This could be a hard fought game going right down to the wire.