EE = E for effort
city of ???

this is the bc lions board...get the damn ee suckers outta here!!! :mrgreen:

Amazing how the Esks fans were all over the Lions' forum after the loss to the Riders but since they were beat by the Stamps, don't have much to say
any more. Must suck to have it thrown back in their faces after all their trash talking.

i guess we'll be seeing the stamps in a week and a half???

hey guys just heard today that bob ackels anouced hed 26,000 sold already for the wf he said he is ahead of last years ticket sales by 2000 tickets, so lets all get on the band wagon get thier tickets and try to get 50.000 to a sell out bob ackles said he wants a sell out no less, but we are going to have to sell a lot of tickets for that,.

I think this weekend we will sell a lot and next week it will get realy pumped up.What do you guy's think?