EE, what a laugh

is anybody actually angered by this troll. it quite laughable what he's doing. i mean he makes like 4 threads a day about the bombers 3 game slump, but he never really mentions glenn and stegall have been missing all three games. why doesn't me make 4 threads a day about the eskimos season long slump? i mean they've had their star slotback and their star QB. EE, just gotta say you've been giving us all a good laugh with your attempt to shift the focus off your crappy eskimos and to the superior bombers :smiley:

These forums have been absolutely loaded with trolls this season. Every time I log in there seems to be some new trolling topic somewhere. It really is becoming quite frustrating.

I dont even pay attention to this guy anymore. Personally I think every thread he starts should be removed from this board but it often doesnt happen.

He is trying to deflect attention away from the fact that the Smoes are still in last place.
They are going to fall farther behind tonight as well

Just being quiet would help doing just that. Best to ignore the threads. You already know what the topic is going to be anyway.

Apparently EE is working on fixing the problem of his teams slump!

Losing Therapy 101:

If your team has made the playoffs for 34 consecutive years and there is a fear of not making the playoffs you follow these steps:

  1. Blame the Bombers
  2. Blame the Bombers
  3. Blame the Bombers
  4. Blame the Bombers
  5. Make fun of the Bomber fans
  6. Repeat all 5 steps

spot on :lol:

spot on what? Did the dog do that again!

i'd tell you what but my post would get deleted :wink:

Ok we will leave it at that! :lol:

Well, lets look on the bright side. . . I haven't seen anything out of McMahon for a couple of days!

Likly cuz he ran off after he relieszed that they is only roam for one idoit on this forum who is like marty york, me!

and I'm about to say that EE is really RNR.

Nope. EE can spell.....

There! You jinxed it !

maybe he started using word of a spell check?

about that, you should use one…