EE vs Calgary

Nichols sure has great form, but that pass on the out was a poor decision and could have been disastrous easily.

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The direct TSN feed is above for those of you outside of Canada. :slight_smile:

They recycle that stupid Wendy's commercial here in the States too.

They only could thing about them is the Redhead I'd like to give her a Baconator

We really gotta get Burnnett off special teams.

One positive about the offence so far is it seems more balanced.

:lol: ah all the images of that with her getting a Baconator also stuffed in her face! :lol:

You think they would tech them the rules of the CFL

Can't say as I"m impressed with Nichols so far. Just like what I noticed in the pre-season; he locks into his primary read way too much. As a defender, all you have to do is see where he looks the moment he gets the hike, and you know where the throw is going. He's gotta stop telegraphing his throws like that.

He’s a rookie that the coaches have never really given playing time to in the past, not even garbage time on some of our wore losses. He’s performing pretty much as you’d expect for someone that didn’t get the reps he needed before.


Fred Stamps made a great catch on that TD..Cornish is rushing well with vision - 20-7 Calgary at the half.

enough already lets just fire the whole coaching staff! start with Reed and Crandell

As if Suitor is talking about pulling Nichols. How is he supposed to learn and get comfortable if we pull him now? Edmonton should stay the course. I agree with Kristjan, the Eskimos have done a very poor job developing Nichols.

Now that was a nice move by Nichols! :smiley:

Another horrendous call ends with points on the board for the Stamps' opponents. The game is hard enough when the stripes don't spot the other team a free touchdown every game.

I just got into the game, so just wondering why Nichols is playing?

Jyles and Joseph are "injured."

I’m still behind Reed, for the time being; however, one thing that does fall squarely on him is the number of penalties this team is taking. For the love of Christ, get this team under control! :x

Folks, we are watching the absolute worst defence in the CFL right now. Injuries are no excuse, other teams have lots too by this point, and the penalties and missed tackles just shouldn't be happening... Its like these guys are putting on pads for the first time in their lives.

Nichols to Stamps could be a a future winning combination, but we've had no chance to find out tonight.