EE vs Calgary

Great night weather wise upcoming for this game at McMahon; Cornish will break 1000 yards on the season is a given.
Roughriders played the Stamps tough; big hits, thus could be enough for Edmonton to win. No?

As a Rider fan I'm not sure who I want to see win this game. Keep some cushion between ourselves and Edmonton for 3rd in the West, or chase after 2nd in the west with Calgary. Im cheering for Edmonton.

Stamps I feel will kill the Esks because they have an offense.

I was happy to hear that Glenn was okay…headache lasted until Monday night, but good to go.

The Esks are going to be playing an extra feisty Cornish, and everything about this says that the Stamps should win, but I just have a feeling it will be the Esks…no idea why…I just feel they will.

I'm not sure why people think Edmonton should be such a push-over. This is a team that has been close all year. In 4 of their 7 losses, they have lost by less than a field goal. Against Calgary they were in position to win on the final play of the game. Yes two of the Eskimo losses were blowouts.

I am quite happy to see Calgary taking Edmonton too lightly. Edmonton wins by 14.

Edmonton by 14 points?? and you call yourself the VoiceofReason? :lol:

Should be a good close game.

Maybe and it also could go the other way too. :stuck_out_tongue:
Your hate on for the Edmonton Eskies; does it have something to do with Jeff Braswell? .....perhaps back in 1989?
Edit: Riders won the Grey Cup that year over Hamilton.....Eskies were 16-2 - Riders were 9-9....ect.


Your hate on for the Edmonton Eskies; does it have something to do with Jeff Braswell? .....perhaps back in 1989?
Well I switched my pick to Calgary and sure hope to be wrong because I think otherwise he is right for this game.

Backer you know there is hardly a Riders fan out there who does not seem to hate the Eskies right? It seems to me most of them hate the Eskies more than any other team including even the Bombers.

This hatred between these teams and their fans has been the heart of many contentious threads on this forum too.

Most of it is in good fun though, but I think it's a good thing we are not all drinking together in some bar. :slight_smile:

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Nichols gets the nod under centre at McMahon; this fiasco with these running backs...ect. I don't know. Strange.

There is a difference between Hate and dislike for said teams. Back in the day [1963....ect.] I had a big hate on for Hamilton - Why?; Ti-Cats had a very good team in the 60's/early 70's era....beating Calgary and Ottawa, but not always though. The best Hamilton team ever IMO was in 1965 and 1972 also comes to mind. Nowadays it's a dislike. I would party with other teams fans, the love of the game is important and I have never encountered a problem.

Third string QB on a poor offense team against Calgary?

Yeah, no. I'll take the Stamps in this one.

It is good to start Nichols and what ever the result in Calgary will be what it is. The must win game for the Eskimos comes next week vs Hamilton at home; A loss at Commonwealth will not go over very well with the talk show after math.

Nichols is gonna get trampled Tomorrow. like really?

Like, it will be really fun to rub it in tomorrow, like really!!!! :cowboy: :thup: :rockin:

The way I see it, as I expressed in the 5-5 thread, the three games after this one are all must win.

And yeah Backer with the Riders you are right it is more like high dislike than actual hate, but it seems like there is some hate out there too.

better chance of an earthquake striking in Calgary..

Are you suggesting that Edmonton doesn't? :o

Wow. It's actually happening. Nichols is starting. Should be an interesting game.

Should've thrown it away instead of forcing it.

Nicole is Now the Esks Leading passer