EE vs BC

Could be a ratio thing....I dunno...

And we let Charles go, yet keep Cates. Taman has to go.

Everyone knows Schiavone doesn't have the leg to go beyond about 45 yards.

The nail in the coffin probably for us sewing up first place. Defense hasn't done much, and the Offense has been playing from behind the whole game.

Lots of time left....

Just thinking right now how arrogant the Ticats were thinking they had better receivers than Bruce...

Congrats B.C. on their victory over the Esks...29-20 - down to the wire in week # 19

Good job BC with the call ups, back ups, bench warmers etc.

Making the West interesting.

First good game of the weekend. Cream rising to the top. Let's hope for the same tomorrow.

Could have a five way tie at the top of the league tomorrow, I've never seen that with one week left.

So what happened to the Lions peaking too early?
Most of you look foolish after last week, when you're predicting the demise of the Lions after ONE freaking game. If you actually watched the game objectively, it was obvious that there's no need to push any panic button.

Anyways, great win for the Lions last night. The offense was very efficient, defense played well as they've done all season and for once special teams coverage were good. Even with seemingly half their team sidelined, they still put out a very strong effort and continue to control their own destiny. Also glad to see Paris Jackson and Jamal Robertson get their chance. Both guys are classy vets. Lastly, amazing how good of a receiving core Hamilton has. Arland Bruce wasn't even good enough to make it there.

Yup. Depth is everything this time of year. What's even more impressive is that we won with a number of other players on the limp.

Bruce is a guy who has been known to benefit from a chance of scenery sometimes.

Big win for the Lions for sure. If they can nail down first place it'll be a huge edge for them given their injury situation. A week off and home field is hard to beat.

Not sure if I’m right on this I was at the game last night and it was in the 3 rd quarter when the EE were called on a face mask on Lulay as he was running around the outside to me and from what I seen on the scoreboard looked like Lulay reached up and grabbed his own face mask . Did anyone else see this or am I wrong but it sure looked like his arm though .

I didn't see that. :?