EE vs BC

Should be a great game; Hugh Charles in Green & Gold....... :cowboy:

It should be a great game. Whether there are any of the fireworks that Tad Kornegay predicts, remains to be seen. I think you will see both teams playing hard but fair.

I just hope the Lions are healthy enough to make it the game it should be.

Odd, there seem to be a good number of people up in the upper bowl...
Maybe there will be a good crowd after all!

I hope BC at least shows up to this one, unlike last week.

Got the big screen on the football, and the little screen on the hockey.
Hope the crowd is good.
Andre Proulx.
Oh no.

I take back my last post, it isn't filling up in here...

Lions lead 7-0 on the screen hitch-flat TD play

Are u at the game Grims? If so whats the crowd look like?

Digging the BC start with their bench warmers so far!

This will be a classic

Nice non call on the hold for the ee TD

Ya, looks like 31,000

Man these two teams are puttin it up; EE centre Hinse playing with no helmet - now an eye issue
Lions chasing Ray around .....good stuff: Lions lead 14-7

We desperately need to hire a kicker, 3 for 11 (12 now) outside the 40 isn't acceptable at the pro level.

True it's an issue: Sandro DeAngelis an option?

Guy takes a dive and the ref's bite...pathetic.

Duval sucks, but why isn't Schiavone getting a look?

Too many men call against BC, with 12 guys on the field. How much did EE pay off the refs tonight??

Confirmed, 13 men, my bad.

if someone came off late you might not be able to see it on any picture. HIGHLY doubt the refs counted wrong.

and there you go. the TSN guys are now saying there were 13.

there's just too many refs on the field - if there weren't 13, I'm sure SOMEONE would've pointed it out