EE vs BC

Looking forward to this game on T.V.; Greg Peach won't be playing tonight, so Corbin Sharun will get the start. Mark Restelli gets his first game debut also; he has talent and hope he makes a difference at some point. Duval will be doing all kicking duties..................Go Eskies.

lets go BC!!!! if they win, and Calgary wins, it puts Calgary alone in first... and sask even further out of the playoffs. First night in the new digs... lots of fans... lets go lions.

i'm usually cheering for the eskies in the west this year, but i gotta go with the Lions in this one.

i would hate for them to lose in their debut game at their new stadium in front of 45,000 + fans. they need a good showing today to win over extra sets of eyes that will be watching both at home and at the stadium.

Looking forward to watching in the morning on the PVR.

This is the best senario, but they are a big rival and would be nice to see them christen the new stadium with a loss. Although that is highly unlikly based on their play of late

bc radio is reporting nearly 50,000 tickets sold for tonight.

What is the capacity? 52,000 or so?


there was a possibility of a blackout if they could not sell 50,000.

thanks. :thup:

Wouldn't it be something to have a complete sellout? Biggest CFL regular season attendance in ages.

the eskies had a bigger crowd against the riders a couple seasons ago.
62,517 sept 26th, 2009.

so not the largest crowd in ages. just in 2

in 2008, the eskies had 48,808 against the riders as well.
and also in 2008, the eskies had 46,014 against the stamps.

2007, 46,704 eskies hosted the riders.
also 2007, als hosted the argos. 44,510

2006, als hosted the eskies. 45,607
2006, edmonton hosting calgary, 47,965

just to show the argos didn't always draw just flies;
2005, argos hosted hamilton, 40,085 ( argos also hosted the als in the playoffs. 44,211 )

Saturday september 26/2009. Saskatrchewan @ edmonton- 62,517 regular season game.

Sunday novermber 21st playoff game in montreal- 58, 021

Just gave you that for some boring trivia today.

ok about biggest regular season game in 24 months! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta be something about Edmonton. ALways have the biggest fan support. over 60 in 09. over 50 tonight.

It would be so awesome if BC could hold those numbers for the rest of the season.

i heard the lions have already sold 35,000+ for a game against the riders this year. so maybe they will keep getting big crowds the rest of the year?

so since were talking about this, and the game isnt for like... 7 hours or so, what game is the most attended regular season game in history? i wonder if it was that game in edmonton.

Toronto @ montreal tuesday september 6,1977. 69,093. toronto won 20-14

that was when the CFL was at it's peak.

Esks were selling 60,000+ tickets every game in Commonwealth, and then suddenly... like without warning, it hit.

I don't know if Edmonton will ever see 9 games at 60,000+ again like that but things definitely are up.

I agree. Those days of huge crouds in Edmonton, BC, Montreal are gone. i think 40,000 is going to be the peak to reach per game to call it a success. except montreal. i doubt they could ever move back into the big O

That's pretty impressive considering the Lions don't host the Riders again this year! :lol:

But in all seriousness, I sure hope the crowds stick around. A win tonight would go a long way in helping to make that happen..