EE - Training Camp~2011

Unanswered Questions looms for Zabransky? Whoever backs up Ricky Ray after TC to start the season is O.K. with me.

At first glance it does seem a bit odd, but if Fred Stamps wasn't invited, either, then it does give weight to what Tillman said about them wanting to focus more on evaluating new players.

To be honest, I think Tillman would be an idiot to get rid of Zabransky right now. We've no back-up with CFL experience. Not a good position to be in. And I don't think calling back Joseph is the answer.

EDIT: Actually, if you look at the names listed, they invited all the new receivers signed, and Ray and McCarty. It's likely Reed wants to see what these new guys can do with Ray, and I imagine McCarty has taken a hit on the depth chart because of Whitlock and Porter.

With this signing we now have 4 QB's in camp......future of Zabransky; who knows? :expressionless:

Keep in mind, Tillman said one of the things he wanted to do was improve the QB depth. I'm not surprised by the amount of QBs we have.

On the other hand something gets announced and I tend to run with it. :oops: Like you said; KEEP IN MIND.

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In the Esk's signings thread by Chief; I wonder if salaries were involved with Gordon and Pettway?.........BINGO.
With more player moves on the way, I think TC is going to be a real challenge.

I didn't realize Pettway had so many sacks.

Well I dont think 7 sacks in the regular season is really something to be awestruck by, not very impressive in my mind, too big of contract and not nearly enough production.

Overall, no, it isn't a lot, but the the Eskimos... :lol:

The Eskie roster posted on their site as of today has 73 players; 41 imports and 32 non-imports. Rookies report on June 1st.
I'm looking forward to the updates as camp moves forward, and also who will replace Mo Lloyd at MLB is my watch.

Udated roster is at 79 players going to camp; 35 NI and 42 imports

And where is he by the way. Can't believe his playing days are done yet.

That's a good Question Taleback, but he could turn up somewhere. Can't find much about him, but as far as I know; in the off season he's a school teacher in Connecticut.

What I'll be most interested in for the Eskimos this training camp and preseason games, are two areas:

  1. Backup QB; with Maas retired and Zabransky released, I'll be really curious to see what the new QBs are like, and which one gets named #2.

  2. Middle Linebacker. A very important position to any defence, but you can also make the argument that it's even more important in a Rich Stubler defence. With Glatt and LLoyd both gone, this is going to be really interesting. I suppose it's one of the new recruits they are looking at to fill the void, but I was wondering if they might be considering moving Rod Davis inside. Can't see TJ Hill moving inside, but I have this feeling that Davis might be able to make the transition. . .but even if he does there's another to be slotted in there, as Stubler normally likes to run a 3/4 defence. . .

Very good points there MadJack. Not too sure as far as MLB, however I think your like me also by concentrating more on the Defensive Unit. I like the 3/4 defence and am looking forward to what Stubler will put together. For some reason I think the Eskie D this year will win a few games this year. As for Ricky Ray; I'm sure he's looking forward to get things rolling. Esks backup QB; Matt Nichols is my guess.

Well backer I seem to recall that when Lloyd was released, ET and Reed were saying something about "going in a different direction". I think, reading between the lines, that what they meant was that Stubler is going to install a 3/4 defence, and they didn't see Mo Lloyd as being a prototypical MLB in a 3/4. If so, I think they're correct. Given Lloyd's skill set, I think he's more effective as a MLB in a 4/3 defence. I don't think he'd be as effective in a 3/4.

So since we're both defensive-minded guys, which way would you likely go in a 3/4; leave Davis and Hill outside and have 2 rookies in the middle, or would you move Davis inside?

I'm more of an offensive guy. Normally I don't care about pre-season, but with our current QB situation, I'm definitely interested in watching the games and seeing what these new guys can do. I still don't like going into the season without a back-up with CFL experience, but we'll see what these guys can do. Maybe they'll impress.

I think it's interesting that Stubler runs a 3-4. It seems like whenever I'm watching the line, teams are always lined up in a 4-3 formation. I didn't think anyone in the CFL ran a 3-4. Or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. :lol:

Stubler almost always has run a 3/4, and for several years when Denny Creehan was Calgary's D/C, they were in a 3/4.

Hmm. I'm kind of curious to watch his defence now. :lol:

Well Chief I'm not saying he's definitely going to run a 3/4 in Edmonton this year. . .just that he always has in the past. . .and if he does, the other interesting position to watch will be nose tackle.