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To be honest I'm surprised and excited that the Eskies are 3-0 let alone the way or how each game has been won. Starting from inside the locker room, with leadership on the sidelines - Kavis Reed has his team focused, thus credits to his coaching staff as a whole. The game in Calgary will be intrigueing to say the least as the Stamps have a dangerous weapon in Larry Taylor. The Eskimos did well with the coverage on Thigpen in the Hamilton game, but the last game I thought the Lions had more success in their kickoff/punt return game. I would hope to see our return game turned up a notch as well, thus down the stretch for some reason I think the road to Vancouver may very well go thru McMahon. Thoughts anyone?

Definitely I'm not seeing anything good coming from BC and Saskatchewan and to me it seems like Calgary has taken a step backwards .
The Eskimos look to me as the team to beat in the west, they look like a well balanced team on both sides of the ball.

I wonder if anyone else seen the clip on TSN sometime after the Esks game victory over the LIons; In the locker room the Eskies were whoopin it up big time with morale. If that's not team spirit then I don't know what is. I'm sure Redd will have his team focused against Calgary and also hope the Eskies don't fall out of contain when Larry Taylor recieves the ball on kickoffs/Punts/..ect. We can't afford to lose the field position battle, Burris will take advantage with the ground game.

BC and Saskatchewan are tanking, particularly Saskatchewan, but I still say Calgary is the team to beat in the West until Edmonton proves they can beat the Stamps. More than once would be nice.

I hear you Chief. . . but man, you've got to admit, the Eskimos' performance so far has been light years better than I think any of us expected. . . I'm really liking the defence.

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Who's Redd? :oops: Typo error should be Reed. The above article says alot mind you.

Edmonton has looked good. Bias aside, I think Edmonton has been the most impressive team. However, when you consider the last few seasons, the Eskimos have gotten hammered by the Stampeders. The scores are posted in the above article (I was so happy to have forgotten them). When Edmonton was losing all those season, they were still able to beat other teams, even Montreal. But Calgary always hammered Edmonton. Always. So I want to see Edmonton beat Calgary. Next week will be a true test of how far this team has progressed.

IMHO after this week the league will see Edmonton as a favorite to come out of the west.

If both teams play as they have so far this season Edmonton will win. Burris has not played anywhere near his usual ability yet, hopefully he continues that for a while though. :smiley:
This should be a real good test for both team's.

Dave Campbell from twitter; RB Arkee Whitlock and DE Julius Williams will play in Calgary, sitting out as a healthy scratch - RB Daniel Porter. Also Nate Coehoorn may see some action in place of Andrew Nowacki.

Welcome back Whitlock!

It'll be interesting to see what our new receiver does. Good luck. :thup: :thup:

What I didn't mention: WR Tyler Scott who will replace Nowacki could/may also see limited action. This will be an interesting game as far as Calgary is concerned..... because.... this years Eskie team is a "COMPLETLY" different team from the one that got hammered in the back to back Labour Day against the Stamps last year. The last meeting between the two however was a 36-20 Edmonton loss.

I guess the coach's were as happy with Bauman's performance as I was. For all the salary cap changes made his contract completely defies all logic???
Is Nowacki still injured?

Andrew will miss the game with a Hamsting injury, not serious however.

Thanks Backer, appreciated as always :thup:

Special Teams Player Honors: Congrats to Damon Duval - "Let the Show Begin....I've Been Ready" :rockin:
"HELLO....HOORAY".....Good enough there for ya Chief :cowboy:
Congrats also to "Big" Greg Peach on his Defensive player Honors as well. In Wellness; Have a good recovery Greg.


Ya got me there................Sigh :expressionless:

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Latest article on Duval; The best game of his CFL career may very well have been last weeks game at McMahon.

Technically he does have two Grey Cup rings, but he did nothing to help his team win those Grey Cups. For crying out loud, if Saskatchewan hadn't screwed up, Montreal would've lost.