EE/Focus:11-7 or?

IMO; Eskimos must establish the running game more so now than of late with these injuries that are present with their receivers. The O-Line/D-Line is showing signs of weakness with Peach, Hinse, Sterling and now Wojt (Knee status unkown as of yet) all out and the depth is of concern. Do the Esk's have enough of inside "Jazz" to squeak out a win at Commonwealth against B.C. and get into that much needed Bye. Messam/Porter for offence and shut down Lulay on D must happen. Edmonton got off to a 5-2 start which is good but going down the stretch, win one of the Labour Day tilts enroute to an 11-7 finish and a Semi-Final berth at home....ect. Calgary is the team to beat let alone going thru McMahon.
Thoughts anyone?

Esk's sign a WR and an OL; I put these two signings in this thread to get some talk going.

Well I hope Collins learned something by being cut, I'm all for 2nd chances as long as it comes with a short leash.

An O-lineman cut before preseason doesn't seem like the best way to fix our group but at least they're trying I guess.

Considering the O-line sucks and we've no receivers left, we need all the help we can get.

There is some good news by Dave Campbell; At practice today: SB - Bowman is runnung scout team reps, Labour Day game at McMahon for his return. OL - Wojt is working with the first team offense, Junius Coston isn't; Knee injury. DL - Peach is working hard at practice to return from his injury, upon Greg's return against the Lions/Calgary is still a Question mark.

Via Twitter by CFL Daily - Dave Campbell; Esk’s have signed WR Ryan Grice-Mullen and is at practice today. Official Announcement to follow shortly.

Well that's three good signings at the right time now before the rest of any NFL cuts.

And Grice-Mullen for a KR is a better play than Giguere, whose CFL rights belong to a team I can't remember if any at all, who was released by the NY Giants today.

Sam's rights are owned by Hamilton.

Sheesh, just checking articles about when was the last time a team had minus yards rushing since the Esk's had -1 yards rushing in Montreal. In a 1985 game: B.C. Lion's (Grey Cup year) dominated Hamilton; - 20 yards rushing. Hope Edmonton turns things around, get the ground game up to par for the most part along with the return game? and sneak out the win. Flip side; Lions should play better than the last time they played here. Newly inked Grice-Mullen: spark in the return game? However, depends on the blocking in setting it up for that matter.

Good signing for Edmonton. Our return game has sucked. I heard we also released three players, but I didn't noticed anyone important.

We could certainly do worse than Prechae Rodriguez, Dobson Collins and Ryan Grice Mullin. Will be interesting to see if any/all make a lasting good impression. Hopefully we can get a good O-Lineman (or 5) after the NFL cuts.

:lol: No kidding.

Fridays Game against B.C. LIons;....
Sidelined; DB Williams with a hamstring issue. From practice roster onto the roster is DB W. Osaisai.
J. Coston is out with knee problems; newbe Devon Tyler may/will make his way to the O-Line which is being revamped?
Grice-Mullen, Dobson Collins and P. Rodriguez are slated to play also.
Reed is comfortable with Armstead for the return game; he's already familiar on what to do....ect. Lets Go Eskies.

That's an understatement about the O-Line...= "HELP". Instead of Skookum...Edmonton is/are Skooked.

Esk's are now 5-3; going 6-4 gets them to 11-7, thus [5-5 to 10-8] or go 4-6 and finish at 9-9..?

Almost the mid-way point (3rd Quarter) in Winnipeg game was the sign IMO for Montreal to study the game film to find more ways to expand on their game plan to victory with success. Montreal with a great force pushed the Esk's O-Line back at will and we know what the end result was a Blowout. In the B.C. game it was much worse as the O-Linemen didn't know which guy was their guy to block on many series of downs that continued to the Cakewalk displayed by the Lions.

The B.C. Lions D guys went around (Quickly) on the outside and sqeazed Ray with no where to go, thus one/two LB's up the middle leading to the sacks. Eskimos better get this confusion straightened out otherwise Calgary and thus other teams in games that follow will have a field day. Get our key guys back to go 5-5 as in the brackets above...ect. Why play Joseph; the same end result/s only with a different drop back passer. I can't see any positive results unless there is more rollout plays/adjustments instead of this pocket type stuff. :?

Going 5-3 is reasonable if we win one of the LD games for an 11-7 finish. But all of this ties in (as well) with what happens in the Eeastern games on the road. Yikes... I think the Esk's are a 10-8 team. Atleast I think that; optomistically? too much.

Esks delete import CB C.J. Bailey and NI RB Pascal Fils. Hope Edmonton plays well in Hamilton, thus can build on it if it’s a close loss. Otherwise with Montreal at home next week a blow will not sit too good and put em at 1-5 in the last six.

I never understood why with Betrand, Messam, and McCarty why Fils was around so damn long, so it's about time.

May tie in with the new guy RB John Goebel on the PR and/or more players to come as the PR does expand to 12 players?

I don't know/or how this delete player (contracts terminated) works; now Bailey and Fils have been added to the practice roster. The contract thing must mean previous..... :?

ever since we got rid of Whitloc it's been downhill. :cry: