Edwards ,Payton or Perry ----who is the starting running bac

Well, Edwards is hurt so let's see how Perry plays in the exhibition game against Toronto and possibly the Riders (I heard Edwards won't be ready for that game either). If he continues playing like he has, I don't see Edwards getting back in as the starter even when he is healthy.

Oh no not one of these!! Remember Philips stole Pringle's job and Philips turned out be a flop, and Pringle rebecame a star with Edmonton!! We better do the right thing. Edwards is a big part of the Alouettes!

Phllips played very well in place of pringle we only kept him for 1 season because of his inability to stay out of trouble. Philips averaged like 5.5 yards per carry

I heard that Bruce Perry is doing good at training camp..but tht is nothing..We will find out on June 21 how good he is. But I think that Robert Edwards is way to good for Perry..Just Wait until Edwards comes back...

Robert Edwards is the Starting Back!!!1

Phillips was fine. In fact, the year he was our starting RB, we won the Grey Cup. It was the stuff between his ears that got him into trouble.

I still think Edwards is the guy to beat, but he's getting older. May the best man win.

Bruce Perry did not play good in the 2nd preseason game..

does anyone no when RObert Edwards is comin bak?

I think that Imoh is now part of the equation ..., Perry or Edwards being the other spot in the backfield

Who is starting the game on june.29

i have heard tht mike imoh is starting the game today? is it true? and on some other websites it says that Edwards is starting? who is starting?