Edwards is reporting the Calgary player admitted he flopped

In Drew's bad hotel coffee chat video !

the player also admits he was out of position and couldn't make the play so he felt the hands............and the rest is history !


Drew sums the play up nicely !

Of course he did. It's called selling it.

It was still a penalty.

I almost wish I didn't hear that, now that flag hurts even more, shizit!

Smart Player Sells it .......true
Disciplined Player doesn't make the push to the back.

Drew, think about player safety, please? If it's all about "entertainment", then let's turn the CFL into the WWF and I doubt you want that. Or in hockey forget boarding, the player near the boards getting the puck gets whamed by a hit from behind, let it go, hey, it's all "entertainment".

Drew, get your you know what together before you make a silly comment like that.

Drew Edwards is one of the most respected journalists in Canadian Football, and his credibility is outstanding.

He should have gotten a red card for diving :thdn: !!!!

I respect no one who can’t acknowledge hitting from behind and player safety. NO ONE. They want to change the rules in the off-season, fine, but for now that was a penalty which like many penalties, sometimes get called, sometimes don’t. If the league is instructing their officials to turn a blind eye for something like this, then it makes the league look like, well, whatever , some daytime soap opera.

Ridiculous Drew, sad you can’t acknowledge player safety. Very sad. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Of course if it was your kid getting pushed from behind and his neck is broken, I wonder what you’d be saying then. I wonder.

It would have been the best non call in the History of the Grey Cup !

Glen Johnson,#CFL VP officiating on flag that cost #Ticats #GreyCup: “It’s definitely a judgement call.?

BOYZ if you watch the video again the Zebra hesitates , the horse stumbles does the flop then raises his hand then the flag comes out I swear there is like two second delay from , flop, hand raised by horse then zebra throws flag ?! Judgment call after raised hands by horseplayer :roll: :thdn: way worse than the clear cut and dry Saski 13thman

I noticed that also, they play was well on its way the Calgary player throws his hands in the air then the flag comes !



The call was made instantly by the ref and he threw the flag way up in the air. Sure by the time it landed play was down the field but once again here is the visual evidence.

This freeze frame just as the ref reaches for the flag in his back pocket. The Calgary player has just barely hit the ground.


This image from half a second later and the yellow arrow shows the flag position as it goes skyward. Calgary player on the ground


Give up Pat, i think you'll lose them with trivial things like logic and evidence; it gets in the way of partisan rants.

Remember, this is the crowd that calls a "hack" and "biased against the Cats" any sportswriter who dares not to pick the Cats, but if a writer says something with which they agree, well, then, he's:

I was thinking it was a good call, but after watching it again, I started thinking it was a pretty light push - if at all - and Reed let up before the Calgary player "lost his balance".


So yes, it does look like there was a bit of embellishment there. Has the Calgary player really admitted to it? If so, this is even worse for the league than the "missed" PI call last year. Guess we're going to see Illegal Block added to the list of challengeable calls next year.

Whether the Calgary player fell to the ground or not is irrelevant, much less whether he "dove". If you put a hand on the back of a player on the cover team, you can be penalized, regardless of what the consequences were. Diving only helps draw attention to the situation if the ref didn't see it, but falling to the ground is not a prerequisite for the penalty to be called.

Agreed that Reed shouldn't have put his hands on the Calgary player's back, as that is pretty much a guaranteed penalty. He should have just run behind him, waiting for him to turn to follow Banks, and blocked him at that point. Or stepped away and let Sinkfield take care of him.

All I'm saying is that I'm no longer convinced that Reed caused the Calgary player to fall. And maybe, just maybe, the official let's it slide?

Actually, I still think the official had to call it.

Safety, theres no penalty called illegal hands to the back.lol

Did you watch the game? He shoved him in the back in the opposite direction.

The name of the penalty isn't the issue, the definition of the penalty and the directives to the officials re: it's enforcement are. The point is that the definition of a "block" for the purpose of the rule doesn't require the blocked player to be knocked to the ground, or for contact to be made with anything more than a hand.

There's also no penalty called "illegally being within 5 yards of the punt returner", yet we see teams penalized for something called "no yards" all the time. And there's no penalty called "illegal flinching", yet we see O linemen get penalized for something called "illegal procedure".

Don't look now - but 45 on our team appears to be holding too. lol