Edwards Injured !


Robert Edwards will probably not play vs Stamps this Saturday, injured knee, a lot of swelling....

Looks like Lapointe will trasfer from the Special team & have his chance again....

Tough break for my Als. But Lapointe is a good backup. I expect Matthews to platoon him again with Jonas Lewis to keep both men rested for special teams.

We need to be able to run the ball effectively against Calgary, no matter who the featured back is. Theoretically, a 3-4 defense is vulnerable to the run, and if we can start making those linebackers cheat up to the line of scrimmage, the passing game in turn opens up.

This is not good news for Robert Edwards as he almost had to get his leg amputated because of a football injury at the NFL pro bowl. Not good news for the Als.

Don’t worry, he will be back this saturday in the line-up (confirmed by RDS)…

Lapointe will be the back-up again…

Can’t wait. That guy is amazing. I am a fan now.

Sorry, Als fans - I'm not stirring the pot intentionally here, but I really don't mind saying I'm disappointed Edwards is back for Saturday's game.....he can cause us a pile of trouble..... :slight_smile:

No pot stirring here. It really is a compliment you just made. Respectful fear coming from a rival is flattering. Edwards deserves to be feared.

Should be a great matchup. Montreal’s great offensive line up against Saskatchewan’s great defensive line; great running backs on both teams; the battles in the trenches will be crucial.

So who gets the edge?

Hard to call it…homefield advantage may be the determining factor…

BUT, the one key advantage I see for the Als is at QB; Calvillo is having an outstanding year. I know Crandell has been on a winning streak, and kudos to him for it, but I just think Calvillo is better. That might be the difference.

Anyone who thinks this game will be an easy win from either one of these team is out of his mind.

I say whoever wins the turnover battle wins the game.

Agreed. I expect more coronaries are in store for me this Saturday. . .

I liked the way Lapointe played against Cal, but he doesn't have that smash power that Edwards has. Edwards has the ability to smash the line get caught there and still fight for 4 or 5 yards. Where as, if Lapointe gets caught at the line he's going nowhere.