Edwards' Blog re Ticat Practice on Sep 14/09

Drew Edwards attended the Ticat practice today and his latest entry on his Scratching Post blog contains some interesting observations:

8) Interesting that Rottier is getting the practice time in Dyakowski's place, instead of Cedric !!
 Will Prechae be able to play this Friday ??

 Doesn't look promising for Lawrence Gordon, at this point in time either.

 Maybe this is the shakeup coming, that Marcel had hinted at  !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Cedric is FInal year of his deal.
It could be the ticats Feel he never healed from his Injury
I Bet they looking into letting him go in the off-season

8) Look for him to be a free agent signing with Montreal, during this off season !!

If Obie stays on another year, we're going to own the free agent signing's, and drafts and trades. Big O seriously is the king of recruiting great football players. All hail the king! :rockin: