Edwards' Blog: Mace Likely To Attend an NFL Camp

In his latest entry on his Scratching Post blog on thespec.com tonight, Drew "Scoop" Edwards reports that he spoke with both Corey Mace and his agent today and there are at least three NFL teams interested in his services and at least six other ones have made inquiries. It is almost a certainty that Mace will be in an NFL training camp this summer.

Edwards also presents his CFL Mock Draft Round One selections in his latest blog entry.

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Thanks to Drew Edwards for providing some excellent pre-draft coverage over the past week or two and for his continued diligence in finding and linking CFL articles of interest from other sources.

So much for that, I guess he'd rather be paid more to ride the bench if he's lucky then be paid less to be a possible all-star here.

Agents say a lot of things, he could be saying that to get a better deal from the Ticats. The last thing you want to put stock in is what an agent says to the press LOL!

Can't Blame kid for Going after his Dream.
too bad I think could be alstar with Time up here.
He be a never was in the NFL Riding The Pine

I suspect many young players who sign a practice roster contract know they are never going to play in the NFL. Yet, with the money they make for those years they can pay for a university degree, start a business, have their retirement funds set up, or other life goals.

I agree. There's nothing wrong with doing that at all. From a long-term career and financial standpoint, it makes much better sense. The typical CFL player is in the league for maybe 3-5 years. Better to take the better pay cheque down south while you can get it. By the time you're 30, you're likely to be out of football anyway, and that extra cash will come in very handy to launch the next phase of your career. If you have even a small chance of making the NFL active roster, that's a real bonus.

I wish Corey Mace well, I hope things work out great for him. If he ends up in Hamilton with the Cats, I'll be happy for the team and for him.

Yea $5200 PER WEEK for being on the practice squad I dont know how you can fault anyone for doing that.

Exactly if he was in such demand he would have been snatched up months ago. No team is all that interested in a practise quad guy from the Bills of all teams

A better deal from the Cats has nothing to do with it as if would not compare to what the NFL can offer. He's waiting as long as possible to get a deal knowing the Cats will be sitting there waiting regardless.

^^^^fact is no nfl team offered him anything, if they did he would be there. All this noise about six teams waiting to sign him is pure typical agent nonsense

His agent probably is looking for the same type of deal Woodruff and St-Pierre got...

He would have to make a team out of camp because I believe his pr eligibilty is done.

Why do you think I said, "he is waiting as long as possible to get a deal?" That would imply that he doesn't have one yet.

He actually has one more year remaining but typically another team wont put a play on their PR list with only one year remaining.