Edwards' Blog Aug 4/09- Adams Practiced Today

According to the latest entry on Drew Edwards' Scratching Post blog tonight, defensive tackle Darrell Adams practiced with the team today. Encouraging news.


nice to hear, Adams was becoming one of the leaders of the Defence and our best D-lineman.

Still would like to have Floyd back as well.

When Adams got injured, I remember it being said that he'd be out 2-6 weeks. It's good to know he may only miss two games.

I haven't heard much about Floyd. But it is good to see that Caulley is no longer on the injured list.

Floyd was seen in uniform and on the field on a CH TV sports report on the latest defensive lineman signing (the ex Eskie and Bomber).

Apparently Floyd has been cleared by medical staff so let's hope he's healthy and ready to go by Saturday.

He and J Johnson bring back memories of TiCat defenses of old.

Agree there; with Floyd between J Johnson and Knowlton, it's one of the best LB corps seen in Hamilton in many seasons; and one of the best in the league this season in my opinion.