Edwards Articles on Ticats' Status Going Into 2010

Here are links to three interesting articles by Drew Edwards in today's Hamilton Spectator:

"It's been a kick";


The first article generally discusses Ticat player personnel decisions that need to be made.

"Cats building team around solid core";


The second article offers a position by position summary of the Ticats heading into next season.

"Future uncertain for some players, and a coach";


The third article mentions the possibility of:

  • Markeith Knowlton taking a shot at the NFL in his 2010 option year;
    -Unrestricted free agent Peter Dyakowski expressing an interest in staying in Hamilton;
    -Greg Marshall looking for a head coaching position should one become available in Toronto, Edmonton or Montreal;
    -Arland Bruce being non-committal on whether he will retire or return to the Ticats finish his contract for one season plus an option year;
    -Unrestricted free agent Cedric Gagne-Marcoux may be looking at Montreal as a new destination;
    -Unrestricted free agents Sandy Beveridge, Corey Grant and John Williams, all of whom want to return, but it is uncertain whether Obie will re-sign any or all of them.

It should be an eventful off-season for the Ticats.

The loss of Knowlton, Marshall and Bruce greatly concern me.Honestly, they make or break this team.

I believe Marshall may have previously applied, and been interviewed, for the head jobs at all three of the mentioned teams. Edmonton & Montreal for sure. Hiring him now would require a GM admitting his own mistake in not hiring him before. So, that’s probably not likely to happen. Toronto might be a different story though with likely a new owner and a new GM in place before a new coach.

He would make sense in Toronto if/when that job becomes available.

Weaken the enemy and strengthen themselves with the hiring of Marshall.

I feel the same way.
I can see Marshall heading to the Blue team as HC....and good luck to him. He deserves a chance.
If that happens we need a young, aggressive guy to replace him like Mike Benevides. Not an easy job.
I also wonder about the QB situation. My guess is that Glenn will return as the starter next year, Porter will be gone and Tafralis will move up to #2....at least until training camp when Obie will likely bring in a few more to look at.
Whatever happens though I still think we have a good core of players and Canadian talent to build on.
The best piece of news from Drew Edwards though is that Obie says he wants to stick around! :thup:

I wouldn't say the make or break it, but I agree that they would be a huge loss.

It would be tremendous if Greg Marshall remains the defensive coordinator with the Ticats next year. However, if he succeeds in obtaining a CFL head coaching job next year, Rich Stubler might be a good candidate for the defensive coordinator position in Hamilton.

I think it's likely Bart Andrus gets another season, as the Blue team is crying poor these days and already has Rich Stubler being paid not to coach. Can't afford another one.

No offense to Knowlton who is a great CFL LB, but what position would he play in the NFL? Might be a possibility as a strong safety but way too small to play linebacker down there. I see him as the protypical CFL linebacker at the moment, but I would wish him well if he gave it a try and welcome him back with open arms if it did not work out.

A good candidate, TDTC, if Rich is interested in leaving home
where he coached his grandson's high school team this year.

As many of us know, it is felt that Stubler works best with
veteran CFL players who have been around CFL defences

Greg Marshall's Defence requires his guys to think on their feet
so he may have them at a level that Stubler can work with.