Edwards, Armstrong extended, Fullback Gilles Lezi released

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Great news, its great to see our top receivers coming back for the forseeable future :thup: :thup:

Also the club announced fullback Gilles Lezi was released

Over all good job by Taman since we dont need Lezi in a 1 back system....[/url]

....the Bombers really needed to get these guys to extend....great work...I believe Glenn is pretty happy ... having these guys in his arsenal, for the forseeable future.....goBigBlue :rockin: :thup:

I'm very surprised to see Armstrong back. I was sure that he'd get a look in the NFL. Although, given that the average NFL receiver lasts only 4 years the NFL teams may not want to look at a guy who has only 2 years left in him by their standards. Anyway, good on the MGBs.