From Chris Schultz TSN

The new team and the CFL are going to have to do a lot of promotion over the next year and a half to sell tickets.
The league spent $500,000 promoting the Argos in Toronto this year and I think they should spend close to that in Ottawa starting this year.
I think they will get back the hard core season ticket holders and others that want to come and see the new stadium and the new Lansdowne area. The marketing has to be directed towards young people to try to get them away from the video games and TVs and into the stadium.

Our pro teams died. It's not as though the sport was banned in the city. We still see it and have access to it.

Educating new fans is important for every team. I don't think it's any more or less important for Ottawa.

The key for success in Ottawa is not attracting existing fans as much as new fans and kids and having people who understand and love the game share their interest.

I don't think the issue of success in Ottawa will be the city. I think the issue in Ottawa is clarity - clarity of the game and what happens when and why. It is tough to enjoy something you don't understand, but remember the saying, 'If you build it, they will come?'

I tend to think that with football in Ottawa it's more about, 'If you help them to understand it, they will come.' Chris Schultz"

I think he is totally wrong in his assessment of the Ottawa market and also condescending. He demonstrates a misunderstanding and ignorance of the market. These are the keys to Ottawa's success. 1. A winning team. 2. Kids 3. Consistency. A winning team will attract old and new fans. Kids will ensure a continuing future fan base. Consistency in players, management, coaching staff and ownership is extrememly important as during the Frank Clair years. The downfall of the Rough Riders began with the replacement of Frank Clair with that of Jake Dunlap. Frank was one of the main reasons why we had winning teams. After he was dumped, there was a revolving door of players, coaches, GM's and bad owners along with losing. The new team also has to embrace and honour its past and build for the future. Schultz is writing like the CFL is putting a team in Moscow, or the Middle East. Ottawa has many generations of extremely knowledgeable and sophsiticated football fans. If the new team ensures the points I've mentioned everything else will fall in place. It shows that Schultz was nerver an Ottawa player or resident. Bring back the big "R" it represented consistency. 1964 - 1991.

Exactly. That's what I was trying to say too. It's as if in Ottawa, for people who have not seen a pro game by the time the new team rolls around, football is a completely foreign concept. "What is this 'footbal' of which you speak??"

Let's take Schultz to a few NCAFA games the next time he's in town.

"The National Amateur Football Association is made up of 15 different clubs and over 5,000 members. Each club can field 1 to 5 teams, ranging from Tyke - Midget, ages 8-19."

Of course new fans will need to be cultivated. Players should be sent to schools and asked to participate in camps for kids and such. But they should do that in Calgary and Edmonton, too.

Shultz is just trying to help,

He's just stating an opinion that he's entitled to, we're just stating why it seems ridiculous.

There you go.

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“The fans will be reasonable. [b]They just want hope[/b],? said Hunt. “But we feel enormous pressure to be as good as we can in the first year.?
It is that kind of thing that makes people here confident that Hunt gets it. With the Gliebermans and his predecessors, there was rarely any indication that things would improve. THAT'S what made supporting Ottawa difficult for some people compared to supporting a team that's going through a rough patch. Here, we were often left wondering if the team even TRIED to win.

The other thing is fans like a nice stadium its really bad if the team is no good and the stadium is in real bad shape.