EDSF Wind makes MNF C'Mon Man


As usual Chris Berman gives the CFL its due. Great clip.

haha awesome crash

Yeah I watched that at the Bar and I almost fell out of my chair,

Josh Bartel, C'mon man!!!! :lol: :wink:

That Sean Whyte field goal attempt is a classic! The ball was moving backwards by the time it hit the ground. Interesting question - if a ball "breaks the plane" on a field goal attempt, then is blown back through the uprights in the other direction, would it count? :slight_smile:

We asked that when it almost happened. That ball could have actually crossed the goal line and land on the 1.

I'm pretty sure I recall an Ozzie convert in the west end-zone actually going through and being blown back through the upright somewhere in 1995-1997 range. It counted.

The kick is up, and it's gggg......it's gggg.......ffft! COME ON MAN!

Super. That high school qb run though was priceless, nice job by the young man. :thup: