EDSF - Lions at Alouettes Game Thread, Sun. Nov. 16 12 pm et

Eastern Semifinal: Lions at Alouettes
Today at NOON EST / 9AM PST on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

The CFL playoffs start with the BC Lions crossing over to the East to take on Montreal. I think this may be a trap game for the Als as some are already looking to a East final revenge match against the Cats. If the Lions can force turnovers early and get touchdowns, they might be able to steal this. Montreal should win if they keep their heads in the game and lean on their front seven to get after Kevin Glenn. Travis Lulay is Glenn's backup...

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[url=http://www.tsn.ca/alouettes-disappointed-at-ticket-sales-for-cfl-east-division-semifinal-1.135438]http://www.tsn.ca/alouettes-disappointe ... l-1.135438[/url]

It seems that today's crowd will be smaller than one would expect for a home playoff game. The "thirteenth man" might only be 12.75....

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Interesting comment by Dunigan,

"Kerry Joseph in Saskatchewan, Jonathan Crompton in Montreal and Matt Nichols in Edmonton were all backups to Mike Reilly with the Eskimos last year and will be three of the four starting QB's on Sunday."

I think Crompton looks very ordinary against a tough BC defence today, and the Lions win. Montreal was doing it with smoke and mirrors for most of the season, IMO.

Lowell Ullrich ?@FifthQtr 16m16 minutes ago
The Lions' wakeup weather today in Montreal

Weather in Montreal beats the Eskimoe greeting the Riders get today with a minus TEN C !

-10 is warm compared to what we had all week here in Edmonton.

Cold weather means pounding the ball and MTL's starting RB is out.

Indeed. Brandon Rutley will get his first start.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/alouettes-rb-rutley-draws-start-vs-lions-in-eastern-semifinal-1.136042]http://www.tsn.ca/alouettes-rb-rutley-d ... l-1.136042[/url]

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I can honestly say that I don't have a feel for this game either way. I guess in away it's because I really don't care one way or another who wins today. IMO the Cats are a better team than either of them,and whoever does wins has to come here and face us at THF where we are undefeated and have beaten both these teams already this season. I look at it this way,if it's Mtl than that's fine the Cup stays East vs West and we can shut up the Al's for good this season (looking directly at the Bear the coach and the son of a NFL Hall of famer :stuck_out_tongue: ) If it's the Lions than we can put a stop to the current string of teams winning the Cup in their home town. It's the first time in a long time that I can say I honestly don't mind that I can't watch the Cats this weekend,and what a nice feeling that is :smiley: . The only thing I will predict about todays game is that I think it will be a low scoring affair and fairly close,as I said earlier I can't predict a winner but I can predict that the final score will be around 20-17 for one of them.
OSKI-WEE-WEE !!! SEE YA ALL DOWN AT THF NEXT WEEK.....GO CATS GO !!! Al's ? Lions ? Does it really matter ? 7-0 HERE WE COME :rockin: :rockin:GREY CUP HERE WE COME :rockin: :rockin:

This game will have arguably the 2 worst coaches in the league going head to head!
Benevides has single handedly destroyed all of the decades of coaching that Wally Buono has put into this team.
And to think that Higgins is actually worse than Benevides

BC by 4 points is my guess.

We shall see whether either one or both blows a major game management situation today. I agree that Higgins has been the worst of the two. I personally think Rick Campbell is definitely in the convo for worst head coach in the league, but he has a slightly longer leash after dumping Mike Gibson as OC.

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TSN's pre-game coverage is on now.

Interesting to note that 6 of the 9 CFL HC's are Defensive/Special teams guys ... only 3 offensive guys in Austin/Milanovitch & Hufnagel.

It'll be interesting to see how long Glenn plays in this one.

Kevin Glenn - 10 starts in the CFL playoffs, 4 wins
Jonathan Crompton - 0 starts in the CFL playoffs

Well doesn't that tell a story. One has to wonder if Crompton will be up to the pressure. Last week's final season game was play-offish for the Ticats but not for the Als who had already clinched a spot. Glenn has the experience, if not a whole lot of success. I have NO idea who might come out on top but most of the pundits (75%) favour the Larks probably by virtue of them playing at home, although they could be wearing their red/blue coloured glasses!

Kick off is coming up so I guess we will soon see who is able to come out of the gate swinging and whether the Ticats will have another feast of lark or a cat fight on their hands next week. :slight_smile:

BC is running over the larks. I guess birds are not tough. :wink:

McCallum muffs one. Perhaps this is the first coaching error (having McCallum do all the kicking)?