EDSF - Larks at All Things Good (Als vs. Cats) Noon et

Sun November 10
Montreal at Hamilton
Noon et/9am pt

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=436296 << TSN.ca preview http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=436182 << a feature on Brandon Banks http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=436091 << more on the Als and this game

Oski Wee Wee,


2 hours and counting...

Hi Russ!


Almost time....

Places everyone!!

Glad that your game day threads are back Russ. It gives me a good feeling for today's game. My thoughts are that CJ will have a terrific game and that while it might be close the ultimate "Good" victory will happen.


Well the curling is over and we can get to some football!!! Pre-game show coming up. Weather in Guelph is supposed to be VERY windy so Gable and anyone else who can run like the wind with the ball will need to get busy! Go Ticats!! :smiley: :rockin:

About 20 minutes to go.
Go Cats

Only Shultzy is picking the Black and Gold TSN :thdn:

Did you honestly expect Climie to chose AGAINST the Als?

New stadium , New Era , Make it to TO lord please the Hammer needs this ,prayed in church this morning ,priest said a special Oski we we prayer :thup:

Holy shiat is it ever windy!

If anyone checked out the Gazette article linked on another thread, you'd see that they called the Als the "underdogs". The way everyone keeps giving Montreal the edge over Hamilton makes the Ticats the underdogs!

No matter just GO CATS!! :twisted:

A Suitorism: "[Troy Smith] is just 29 years old."

I keep a shovel handy. LOL

OK D... time to force a 2 and out!!

Defense up first - Stop then fast guys!

Can TSN say anything positive about the cats??? :roll: Unbelievable bias

Looks like it'll be a battle of the running backs, and a battle of the punters.


Series 1 - Defense wins!

WAY TO SNIFF OUT THE SCREEN PASS. i guess the noise in Guelph rattled Smith as he took a time-count penalty...

And the Als have the wind to start so looks like the Ticats opted to have the wind in the fourth. Meanwhile they are pinned WAY deep from that Whyte punt aided by some breeze!