EDSF: Evil Incarnate at Hamilton, Sun. Nov. 15, 12pm on TSN

Grant draws a DPI from Green but only 10 yards - better than nothing

Speedy B with the Gable-esque hurdle!

Gable getting some love here with 12 yds when 2 were needed. Got a little drive going - well did have but - saved by the flag
Thanks Foley! :smiley:

Good time to punch it in guys.

3 more for Money...

RTP - No surprise from Proulx. He does tend to throw that flag more than other refs.

accidental p.i, my a**, at least Masoli is playing well so far. Hey all !

Well nice try but good defensive play from Hawkins on the PDK - unfortunately :frowning:

Money Medlock with the chip shot and so far we are leading in the first - good omen - at least according to the season's stats.

Got the coverage on espn3. Thankfully :smiley:

so far so good lets keep it up.

At least he's tossing it at the "right" team! Unfortunately I think that this flag goes against us - Gainey smarten up!

need a turn over now.

Well for those who were ready to toss Stephen off the team last week..... GREAT PLAY on that 2nd and 12!! :thup: :thup: :smiley:

I'm impressed with the crowd, looks sold out and loud! :rockin:

Got lucky there that Swayze didn't recover his punt.

got to get Tasker and Fantuz in the game.

good punt, now pin them deep

The Argos are trying to pressure Masoli, every play. Understandable. Nice punt Medlock

Saw a text this morning that they were selling the last 50 tickets available for $25 each.

D has been playing well but looks to me like they are giving up too much on TO run game.
Simoni going off - don't want to lose him

Yup a blocked punt gone wrong - does happen sometimes and didn't need the deep FP but at least they dug themselves out a bit before having to punt it off. Medlock and coverage did stop them fairly deep but now we need a MAJOR stop by the D

Looks like Simoni is trying to do everything to play. Hope he can stay in the game. So far the QB’s can’t do much. A defensive battle.