EDSF: Evil Incarnate at Hamilton, Sun. Nov. 15, 12pm on TSN

Eastern Semi-Final
Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Today at NOON ET / 9AM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

It's the playoffs and it's Toronto -- I full expect the Cats to come out clawing despite the obvious issue on paper regarding injuries to the club's QB depth. Masoli is going to have to protect the ball and the running game is going to have to emerge as a key for Hamilton to beat Evil today.

It should be compelling, regardless!

Oski Wee Wee,


Let's exorcise the evil out of Hamilton


We got this!
Because Agos-suck

Russ ,you show the time as noon,KICK OFF 1PM @ THF
Holy Mackinow!

I understand...but I noted that TSN's coverage is on at 12 pm. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Again, no tv coverage in Florida. Arrrrgg

I cant believe I can’t find any coverage in Arizona. I’m really bummed out. If anyone knows a stream site in the US, it would be appreciated.

Reserves: HAM - (DB) Carter & (DL) Nevis / TOR - (WRs) Hazelton & Adjei

Didn't realize that there was a pre-game show on. Was trying to listen to TSN1150 app on my phone but it cut out about a half hour into the season review! :x
Just tuned into the pregame to see a shot of the blue team heading out to the field in their all white unis. But then the Ticats are in their all black so their white pants make sense. Well for today the "good guys" are in BLACK NOT white. :slight_smile: :rockin:

It's supposed to be on ESPN but then if it is only on one of their stations and you don't have access to it that is a problem.

Hi folks!

lets go get them

good stop by the D


Money Medlock for 3!!! 55-yd FG!


Medlock is money from 55!

3-0 Cats

Bakari should've had that catch. Oh well, we'll take the FG.

Lucky Blue team. Must be nice to start your third string QB because you WANT to rather than HAVE to!

Agree but the 55 yarder was impressive. Wasn't sure how far it was until I jumped into the thread here but knew it was no chip shot!!!

D gets Ricky and friends off the field quickly again with another sack. Speedy B doing his thing getting some god FP. So far so good!