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hervey...the guy was bashing printers on his win of last years mvp award last year...last year...a year late to make a bloody comment like that??? those remaks are so insane...and what ray passes like a god??? yeah right!!! i hope the lions plummel the esks, and hervey gets no yards like milt last week!!!

burn those esk!!!

You've misunderstood him, what Hervey was trying to say is that Printers hasn't proven himself to the extent of winning a grey cup, like ray has. And by the way, Ricky Ray has better stats than Printers and has a grey cup ring....you have no argument....

hey bombhead, look at the stats whos better rickey or casey,

whos won more grey cups, casey/ ricky,


Well, if Buono had put CP in last year, Casey would have a GC ring right now.

The quarterbacks that won MVP deserved their awards. Calvillo over Ray. Printers over Cavillo. Maas is less deserving than Printers because of efficiency rating which is the best method of evaluating quarterbacks in NFL, CFL and college.

Ain’t that the truth!!!

Winning the Grey Cup has NO bearing on the MOP award . The award is given out the week prior to the Grey Cup and is based on a whole season of play not just one game. Shows how aware some football fans are. Don't some of you remember how it was the "league MVP sat out the Grey Cup" because he had already won the award ?? And the previous years Grey Cup is a no-factor too since The MOP award is for that given year only.
Having said that , I agree it was a stupid comment by Hervey , Printers was brilliant and that is why he won the award.

How exactly is the efficiency rating calculated?