Edmonton's redemption

I saw a lot of poor tackling, especially in the first half, but the defence came up big in the fourth. Jyles had a good game, but I'm not jumping on the Jyles bandwagon just yet. Give me 6 consecutive good games, and maybe I'll change my opinion... But the most important thing is we got the win. We redeemed ourselves, and we're now in first. Let's enjoy it! :smiley:

…tell you right now, your team is a hell of a lot more exciting with Jyles there versus Ray…some of those long strikes were bang-on…

Problem is earlier in the season he was missing those big strikes by 10 or 15 yards. Like I said, let's see him string together a few good games...

Agreed Chief. . . But I will say, while it's only one game, fact remains that it was probably the best game I've ever seen Jyles play.

Probably the best game they've played as a team this year. :thup:

Well to me Jyles deserves some credit, everyone here can agree hes improved with every game, and will hopefully improve all season long. Hes doing what is asked of him. His football IQ has shattered my expectations, I am very impressed. He does not force things and is really playing to his ability. Which was not the case anywhere else he was. He is maturing i think, and that will lead him to be a good QB in the future if he keeps doing what he is doing and learns and grows.

With that being said. It helps having the best Defense in the league. We are the only team that has given up less than 100 points this season. And we literally are the definition of "bend but dont break" defense. That with a defense full of playmakers makes us a scary ass team. And that is the reason we are FIRST in this league right now.

The Eskimos have impressed I think all of us, including me, as I was skeptical at first, but evidently we have a great shot of going the distance in the long haul.

GO ESKS! :smiley:

Lots of merit in your Quote Red&White. Looking at this years team which is much different than last years team; Jyles is working hard along with all the others and that is a proven positive. The more the Defense gives Jyles the opportunity to move the Eskimos has credence; in other words the more in game time to see lots of what a given Defense is showing him the better Jyles is going to get, however that is the faith I have. Nothing against Ray; but I feel our record would be below .500 had the trade not been made. Back to Jyles; stood in the pocket and took the hits just after the release of the ball, which turned into some good bang on plays. I know it's difficult to give Jyles big credits, but I think it's the whole team putting a solid effort. Next week it's Montreal; looking forward to this game against Calvillo, thus I say the Esks will be in tough.