Edmontons new RB?

I whould like to see Roberts or Reynolds sing or get traded to the Eskies :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Or start signing a pettition to get Pringle out of retirerment :lol: 8) 8)

Pringle was good enough to go a couple more seasons.

Edmonton should sign Holmes from their "farm team."

there is nothng wrong with edmonton's RBs, Goldie is infact getting over 4 yards a carry...the problem is our o-line is crap, and we only run the ball 10 times a game

Good Idea thats what i meant for a Ray backup trade Maas get a good RB and take a back up GB from the lower league

QB not GB

Your O-line is crap? The only way Dickenson watches his pass completions is from his back. (or the replay screen). I'd take Morris and Beaton in a heartbeat.

what does Dickenson have to do with this, we're talking running game...BCs o-line has a terrible pass block, but their run blocking is great...and Warren will tend to break more runs when he gets the ball 15-18 times. the most goldie got the ball was like 12 times, and Elvis hardly ever gets the ball. Morris and Beaton are good pass blockers, but their run blocking isnt that good

I still like your O-line better. Now if we could steal O'day from Sask......

our o-line takes way too many penalties.....we actually have good inside run blockers, but we always run to the outside, if we had a runner who would run it north/south, they would successful, like Bradley is on occasion

I added Edwards for you because I wanted to vote for him :roll:

The NFL cuts are coming, EE will find themselves a running back but I also think the o-line is a little weak too.

what do you mean added? :?