Edmonton's Machumpa politely refuses playoffs

With a real chance to win the game, Maccoica called/oversaw some very questionable game strategy (e.g. all out blitz with BC backed up very deep on second and a bunch). Edmonton was in control of that game, but some coaching decisions kept opening that proverbial door.

Had Edmonton taken this game, and if Calgary loses tomorrow, the last playoff spot in the west would have been a barn burner. As it stands now, Maccoica's has ensured himself a clear schedule in November. He must have had some travel plans with no cancellation insurance.

By the way, I have some spare manure if there are any Esk fans wanting to help fertilize any lawns in Edmonton.

You must have used some that spare manure to start a thread like this one.

Yah there are some dumb coaching/strategy moves out of that Edmonton team.


Simmer down, EE fans...I'm just kiddin'...sorta...:slight_smile:

I dont think it was DM’s call to blitz on second and long-- which the Esks got burned big time on, they should have learned after Clermont’s 93yd gain. The goathorns belong to Rick Campbell, the defensive co-ordinator.

The worst call was at the end, when we wasted 1st down at their 9 with an Ebell run. Chappy must have thought we had Big Joe Smith or Jesse Lumsden in the backfield to pound it in....

Riderfanatic , the fact that BC stayed ahead of the riders , did that have something to do with you wanting bring out the manure ? Or are you really concerned about the EE's playoff chances?

Darn tootin I am lamenting a sure win by the Eskimos into an agonizing last play loss. I have no desire to bring out manure, and I am not really concerned about EE's playoff chances. I am being very selfish at this point. The team played well enough to win. The coaching staff, I thought, did not.

In fairness to DM, the execution of any blitz and or eventual coverages down field is still the resposibilty of the players.
They did not execute and ultimately lost.
The fact it happened twice in one game and more notably the great Milt Stegall last play of the game, means you do play it more safer.

MaCHOKEcha is a weak coach. IMO.
He got handed a Grey Cup team and won his first year. After that, he began to coach resulting in the NEW Eskimos.

Macocia = A coach? Cha! The Keebler elf strikes again. He is going for the Longest streak without entering the playoffs in pro sports history. He has a long way to go but keep at it Daniel-San.

Seriously, Good luck though.

While I understand the frustration of fans (though I will have little sympathy for Eskimo fans if they miss the play-offs again), it always amuses me when they criticise a play or a call like that.
A running play at that time was hardly "the worst call" compared to anything.
Unless it is your contention your team should never run the ball?
If you want to complain, there are plenty of things you can complain about, but that play really isn't one of them.

The problem with it, was that its the third-last play of the game, the Esks need a TD or bust, and yet its a running play up the middle that has no chance of getting a TD on first down. Essentially, the Esks wasted one of their last 3 shots at the endzone. Considering LeFors' difficulties in throwing a TD pass yesterday, he needed all the chances he could get.

You can say that again. He's a moron. I still can't believe Milt Stegall's game-winning touchdown last year or the botch in BC. Bad moves.

If it is a TD or nothing at all any play from the 9 should be an attempt at the endzone short yardage plays are really not an option at that point of the game